Monday, June 8, 2009

Little visitor

We had a fantastic day.
It was full of work, but also full of love and joy.
Little Edith was visiting us for a couple of hours and brought many smiles, babling and baby magic into our house.
That magic that only a baby can bring you.
The magic of presence, the magic of life itself.


A look into her sky blue eyes make you forget everything you ever worried about...


Tomorrow we'll drive back to Getinge to pick up our round pen panels.
The guy from the moving company never called back... probably never intended to finish his job.

So it's going to be an getting up early - picking up the rented trailer - road trip... Thuesday.

Now it's bedtime.

But first Missy needs to get her medicine.. she's a little better but I think we'll take her to the vets on Wedn anyways...

Good nighty!


  1. Such a beautiful photo...such peace...BTW, I love your new is so serene! You have "remodeled" your site at the same time as moving! I'm in awe! Hope Missy will be better soon! ~Janine XO

  2. Happy things are going so well Michi!

  3. "The magic of presence, the magic of life itself."
    like these words & don't we all need reminders of this, thankfully there are babies, children & animals to keep us present & remembering the magic.

  4. I was in an anxious mood when I logged onto your site but the picture of the clouds and the peacefulness of your blog went a long way to soothing the inner turmoil. Grateful thanks.


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