Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer has arrived

Yes, summer has finally arrived.
Not just on the calendar, also for real.

Its really warm outside and calm.
It's going to be a hot summer day.

I turned the horses out a little while ago, the horseflies attacked them right away!
I had to put some repellent on, I hope it works.
We will bring them in for a few hours during noon, they will appreciate that for sure.
Indigo likes to take a powernap during the day (he can't really do that outside, because Midas doesn't let him I think), and Midas just loves to get out of the sun and cool off.

Yesterday someone communicated with our animals (animal communicators) and it turns out that Midas would love to pull a carriage...

I'd like that too... I used to drive my Haflinger mare when I was just a teenager. It's been a long time I drove a carriage and Midas hasn't done it for a couple of years either... but it's like riding a bike they say, once you get the hang of it you'll never forget it...
We'll see how it goes.

Now it's time to get some tools unpacked and get organized in the shop. Hasi will help me and that makes me happy. It will be a fantastic day!

Have a great summer thuesday everyone!!!



  1. Greetigs from Oman! Enjoyed your blog.Will be back:)

  2. I love cart driving! so much fun, especially on a nice dirt road. We did it in a huge field most of the time, she wasn't used to traffic all that well and having TB in her she a little hyper at times. He looks like he would make a fine cart horse - all his feathers and mane and tail flying! What fun!...debbie

  3. Happy Summer Tuesday to you too Michaela ☺ Beautiful photo, very summery!
    Have fun today.

  4. Cool....I loved hearing Midas wants to pull a carriage. I'm fascinated with animal communicators. They have a special gift...
    Summer is here too...love it!


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