Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's almost 10 pm.
We had 30 degrees Celsius on the porch today, in the shade!
I started to clean out the shed (to make room for hay) this morning after turning out the horses and mucking the boxes.
I had to move slowly and be careful not to wase too much engery. It was so warm!
Even though I was able to stay in the shade, it was windless and humid.
I took a break around 11:30, went in to drink lemon-water and cool off on the sofa...

Hasi was already done with laundry chores and vacuume cleaning.
The house is equipped with one of those fantastic "built in" systems where you only have to plug the (very long) hose into the outlets in the walls... It really works perfect! Amazing power!

We both ended up resting on the sofa, thinking about what to eat for lunch.
We decided to warm up leftover chicken sweet sour and I made fresh Jasmin Rice.

After lunch we landed on the sofa again - after pulling down the blinds and closing the back door, trying everything to keep the hot air from coming into the house.

Soon after that, around 1 pm, I fell asleep.
When I woke up one hour later I realized that Hasi and Cleo were gone...
I spotted Cleo on the bed in the bedroom, the door was open. She wasn't alone in there, Hasi was also taking a nap. :))
I went up and to the bathroom, felt incredibly tired and decided to take another nap.

How cool is that!?!

S I E S T A ! ! !

It was 4:30 pm when we woke up again. I slepd so well!! :))
It felt so good to rest, not just the body also the mind was resting.

I turned the horses back out, luckily it was a bit more windy and the nasty horseflies were mostly gone.

We, Hasi and I, joined forces to get finished on the shed project, around 7pm it was accomplished.
Clouds started to show up on the western sky behind the "Fjälkinge Backe" Nature Reserve.
It has cooled off quite a bit but no rain so far.

I just looked, it's 19 Deg.Cel. now on the back porch. HEAVEN!

Hasi and Cleo are out on a evening walk. It's almost dark now and they should be back soon.

It's almost 11pm now.

It's quiet in the house, the only noise i hear is my fingers tippy-tapping on the keys AND the sprinkler just outside of our yard.
The farmers are very busy with watering their corn- and potatoe fields.
The sprinklers run 24/7.

It seems to pay off though, the plants are doing great, the harvest will be rich, some cornfields are starting to turn from green into gold, a beautiful sight!

I hear Cleo's little paws coming in...

Time to get ready for bed...

Good night World!



  1. What a great day, in my opinion - lots of rest.
    When it is stinking hot here in Australia, I have learned to structure my day around it too.
    Last summer, we had a 46C day!
    Your photo was stunning, Michaela.xx♥

  2. Magnificent photo!! And whew, a siesta on a hot day has my vote too.
    It sounds like you're really getting settled.
    I also want to send my belated condolences on your recent loss. 4 legged friends are furry soul mates; there really is comfort in never forgotten. Love and Light, Nina P.

  3. Your new format is very beautiful!

    Every once in awhile you need one of those siesta days. Grab them when you can. Sounds like you are very happy in your new home!

  4. I have those days too. Just want to sleep. Guess our bodies know when it's time for a nice long rest. Hey, when you do the temp thing would you put (F) - I don't have a clue how hot 30 C is...lol glad you got your shed done. Now all you need is hay!!!...debbie

  5. Sleeping is medicine :-) I slept until 7 today! Wow!

    And a very great message reached me yesterday, 13 HA of land is now only mine ;)


    So, moving horses today and just taking care of life and just be and do what feels fine.

    Mitzy and Sirius catch and eat all the flies so I dont have to kill them (The flies ;) )

    I love your Maskrosfoto!!! Its wow!

    Hope to see you sooooon :-)


  6. Good way to spend a hot day. The photo is great! Such a different viewpoint.

  7. ...sounds like a perfect summer day...and evening. Sometimes I love it when the heat just seeps in and slows everything down....the dandelion is gorgeous!!


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