Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Loosing track of TIME

Is it a good thing to loose track of TIME, or not?

I mean loosing track of the "human made TIME".
All our precious hours, minutes, seconds. That kinda time...

If we didn't have some appointments to follow up on, if we wouldn't have a weekly TV schedule to follow ( kiddin!)...

I would really loose track of time.

I do, I did yesterday, and days before. I couldn't remember what day it was.
I really had to think to figure out what day it was...

I wonder how life was like before people had worked out calenders and framed that "thing", that "space", that " ", and called it "TIME".

I wonder how life was like when people lived by natures schedule only, when they lived from full moon to full moon, from sunrise to sunset.

I like the feeling of loosing track of "TIME" the way we know it today.
I like it when you are able to find your own rythm, your own inner "TIME".
It's within all of us, that inner "TIME", it's a rythm that we should be able to follow. Not a stupid clock that tells us when it's time to do certain things.

That rythm is different for everyone of us.
I suppose most of us are moving too fast.
I noticed it the other day when I was pushing Edith's buggy walking away from the farm.
I was not walking, I was running!
I wanted Edith to be able to fall asleep, she was very tired but it was just so much going on and she didn't want to miss anything, so we put her in the buggy and hoped for the best...
She didn't want to settle at first, not at all.
She was pulling herself up all the time to be able to look around.
She turned her head and look at me like "are you serious? I can't sleep now!
Put the thing that supports my back up, so that I can SIT!

I wanted her to relax and thought it might help if I would lower my own energy level.
So I started to ask my body, started to listen to my inner rythm and realized that my own movements were too fast.
I had to slow down in order to get closer to my inner, natural rythm.
I had to repeat this listening several times and every time I got a little bit slower.
It took at least 15 minutes until I had found a rythm in my walking
that felt really comfortable, that felt like it was "MINE".

I checked on Edith and her eyes were closed, she was asleep. Finally.

I turned around and pushed the trolly back home, enjoying the wind touching my skin, the singing birds up in the sky and piece and quiet within me.

This kind of "TIME" is very precious to me.
The other kind of "TIME" is only "necessary".


What is TIME for you?


Here a shot I took about a week ago...

Is that one horse or two..? ;-)

Have a great day everyone!!!



  1. Det låter som om jag hört dessa orden förr, det låter precis som mina tankar :-)

    Barn kan verkligen visa vägen för inner frid och själslig ro.

    Kram kram :-)

  2. The one way to never know what day or time it is - is to retire!! lol
    I never know what day it is anymore and don't wear my watch unless I go out so...I don't know nutin' lol...debbie

  3. ...loved your musings on time. Sometime I have to focus and remind myself to slow down...breath...and relax. I always feel better when I slow down...(love that little two-headed horse! Love how cameras can play tricks on the eye every once in a while).

  4. beautiful post, beatiful photos
    the horse photo, a little freaky :)


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