Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tosteberga Hamn III

Here are some more "camera - caught impressions" from our short trip to Tosteberga Hamn last Wednesday...

Great Blue Heron (Fisch- oder Graureiher)

Fencepost with isolator

Don't know this plant - but the colors of the seeds are gorgeaus!

One of the MANY potatoe fields around here...

A field full of hay silage, baled in white plastic...

Hundreds of (common) Blackbirds show up for a evening bath...



  1. Great series (as always). You have an eye for photography. The fencepost with the isolator on it is a cool pic.

  2. I always enjoy your photos too, Michaela. Wonderful impressions.xx♥

  3. Good Photo content as always, really like the Heron flight shot

  4. Nice series of images. Enjoy seeing your part of the world. The blue heron flier is my fav. Blue Skies.

  5. Love the landscape photos and photos of the farm. Especially intrigued by the hay wrapped in plastic. Never saw that...LL

  6. I like the way you use your blog to tell stories. The photos are well taken. Music for the horses is a nice touch!


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