Friday, July 10, 2009

Herbs, Weeds and Antiques

We were working on weed controle on the pastures lately.
It's been too dry for the grass to grow, but the weeds are fine! GRRRRRR!

I don't care about weeds that have nice flowers, but the ones that have just millions of seeds for reproduction purpose are so USELESS!
USELESS like flees! Who needs them?!

AND if the weed is toxic, it's even worse.

We have two plants growing, which look very similar from the distance.
One is called
"Johanniskraut", called "Amber" or "Goat Weed" i think,
(Hypericum perforatum) - which is a great medicinal plant AND
which I call "the good guy",
the other one is called
"Jakobskreuzkraut" or Jakobs-Greiskraut in german, "Common Ragweed" in english (Senecio jacobaea),
which I call "the bad guy".

It's toxic and can kill a horse or other animal.

So Hasi has been out the last two days checking our fields and found a few plants.
The only really effective way to get rid of them is digging them out.
Same with Rumex (Ampfer) by the way, at least if you don't want to use chemical weed killers.

Here two photos that show the plant and it's blooms..

Johanniskraut on the right,
Jakobskreuzkraut on the left...:

Our "new" second hand furniture is still sitting in the garage/shop, waiting to be cleaned, except for one piece.
It's a serving trolly that we fell in love with the moment we saw it.
Isn't it gorgeaus?!

Have a great Friday everyone!





  1. What is left and right for you?

    Is the plant with bigger flowers to the left or right??

    Is the plant I have everywhere the one to the right?



  2. Oh, you scored bigtime with that serving trolley! It is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what other treasures you came home with.

  3. OH MY!! What a great find in getting the service trolly! Such detail! The legs are beautiful and the top is too! We wanna see the others!!! ...debbie

  4. What a gorgeous piece indeed!
    Do the horses know what is safe to eat and what is not?

  5. @ Carola
    When you look at the photos the plant on the right side is the "good one" (with the small, round leaves).
    The plant on the left is the "bad guy".

    @ Jayne
    Yes, the horses usually know that they shouldn't eat this plant, however, when there is very little grass to eat and they are hungry, they might grab one of the toxic ones too.
    Especially when the plant is growing young, fresh leaves...

  6. Wow I learned something new today. I would never have thought a weed toxic before for an animal...hmmmmm makes me stop and think now. As for your trolley excellent find!! Totally stunning


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