Friday, July 3, 2009

Some relieve from the heat

Lucky me, I made a couple of random shots of the thunderstorm and YES, when I looked at them at the computer I found THIS..:

This afternoon was HOT again. All day was HOT!

This morning we made some additional fence to keep Cleo in the backyard if necessary.

We surrendered to the heat around 11am and "rescued" the horses from swarms of horseflies and pitiless temperatures.
Midas was sweating and tired, Indigo's breathing was heavy. They were very grateful to be able to hide in their stalls...
We went inside also and stayed there practically all day.
I started to fix supper at 5pm, around that time I heard Hasi holler from outside the kitchen window, I looked outside and she was standing with her arms up in the air welcoming the first raindrops!!!

Those last days we were longing for a little thunderstorm and rain SO MUCH, but it just didn't happen (for us)...
We took our supper and sat down on the porch, looking at the dark clouds and lightning, listening to the wind storming through the tree tops and we were wincing with every "boom".

It was wonderful to feel the temperatures drop and also witness one of natures most powerful ways to remind us what power really is.
I always loved to watch thunderstorms, I remember sitting on the windowsill of my room when I was little... my legs were hanging out (first floor) and I was counting the lightnings that were unloading purest energy...


After the storm was over we turned the horses out again, they were so happy raced out onto the pasture.

Happy End!



  1. There is a release of ones energy, so to speak, when those storm cells finally arrive and dump wind, rain and electricity into the air. Lucky photo maybe, but nice. Good night Sweden...

  2. I feel excited by storms too. I guess it's natural. I love how free horses act after a storm-they know how to celebrate. Right now I hear the low rumblings of a distant storm. I don't know if it will arrive but the air is heavy. <3

  3. I always feel for the animals in extreme weather conditions. Your photo was so great, Michi!I love the lightning too,and the wind......I love storms! xx♥

  4. What a welcome relief to have a thunderstorm! Your photo is absolutely wonderful. I always enjoy thunderstorms too, except when the lightning and thunder are simultaneous. That I don't like at all!

  5. Wow first sorry to hear your sooo suffering with the heat. I feel sorry for your horses (Yes and you) Your picture is great and if I could I would send you watermelon over the internet!! :)

  6. Over here, we have had a LOT of rain for days and days. We are in need of some hot days so things can dry out. All of your photographs are beautiful! I hope you catch a cooler break in the weather so your horses (and you) can be more comfortable.

  7. WOW! What a photo you got there. I loved reading your description of the blessed relief when the rains came. :c) We are parched here as well and some raindrops would be a welcome sight.

  8. the lighting shot. This week has been so cool...only highs in the 70s, but next week we will be joining you with highs in the 90s.


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