Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Furniture finally IN the house


It was warm again today, 25 〫C plus.
Very high humidity!

BUT that didn't keep us from working hard!


We cleaned and polished some more used furniture and moved it into the house.

Most pieces were not too heavy for the two of us to carry it up the stairs and into the rooms...

BUT that beautiful "MONSTER" required some wit and help of our "Avant"!

Massive massive massive - heavy heavy heavy!!!

In the dining room..
The dark red wall made it difficult to get a decent picture, the color of that antique furniture is much nicer then it looks on the photo.
AND it fits perfect with the dining table that we purchased.

This is the corner cabinet we got from our friends Marianne & Stefan in Getinge. :))

This chair was also a good deal at the second hand store!

Dining table with a mix of chairs...
(and yes, the side parts slide under the bigger bord in the middle if needed)

All that's left now is moving the lamp over the center of the table, one of my tomorrows projects!
And maybe a nice carpet some day...

That's the cabinet we bought for the kitchen, it's not antique, it's made in Tschechien!
How funny is that?! In the land of IKEA??
Well, why not! It's functional and looks nice. That's all that counts (for us).

Hip hip hoerah!!!!!



  1. yoepie.
    wat mooi ziet het eruit. heerlijk!

  2. It all looks very nice. Has a real welcoming warmth to it.

  3. Welcome home!! I do love your taste in furnishings dear!

  4. What a lovely room. I know you will have many wonderful memories created there.

  5. Thanks for taking us inside your house. Our kitchen walls are tuscan red...The outside of our house is red with white trip as is our indoor arena. Red is so Swedish, don't you think? Anyway, you are doing a great job...Love that free armchair!


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