Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do it yourself halter

The last couple of days flew by like a jet plane.

No time for blogging.

And I was also very occupied by playing "Farmville" on Facebook.
A rather simple and stupid game, but surprisingly fun...

In case you know it, I would love to have more neighbors on my Farm...!!! ;-)

The other thing that I have been doing is making a rope halter.
I wanted to do that for a long time, but I never found a rope that would be the right material to do so.
Until last week.
So I bought the rope, went on the WWW for a tutorial and started tying knots...

I had to start over a couple of times, but then I finally figured it out.
And I am very happy with the result!

As you can see, I tied metal rings into the knots over the noseband, so I can attach the reins directly to the halter.
That way I can ride without a bit.
Tying the rings into the knots was a bit of a challenge though.

Reins attached to the rope halter rings... (I recycled the rings from an old, broken bridle)

I'll make a couple more halters in different sizes, this one is for Indigo.
It's fun!!

Moa is visiting again today.
She has been sleeping here and we'll take her home later on.
She really doesn't wanna go home though, and I understand, I was like that too when I was a kid and was visiting friends or family in the holidays.

Her she is riding Midas again...
(Notice how clean Midas is - he had a bath yesterday! :))



  1. I'd still be working on the first knot ... beautiful horse. TTFN ~Maydon

  2. She rides like I used to as a kid! Any which way!

    My husband ties all of our halters too and makes our ropes out of yacht rope.

    Nice job on the halter!
    I cannot tie a knot to save my life!

  3. ...very cool halter--way to go! I like the purple color too. Isn't it be great to drape yourself over a horse! She looks totally relaxed and happy with Midas.

  4. I am impressed, that looks very tricky. isn't it great though that we can just type in a few quick keys and learn about anything!? amazing.

    moa and midas look very happy ☺

  5. I like the halter and love Moa on the horse. A little bit of heaven!


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