Wednesday, July 1, 2009


That's exactly what I would like to do right now!!!

Did I tell you that we moved to Sweden
(almost 1000 km further to the north - even though it's north on the planet earth this is still south sweden...)
because we wanted to enjoy cooler summers??!!

This is *ing insane!!!

30〫Cel. (that's 86 Fahrenheit) on the porch in the shade NOW.
It's not even noon!

We are hiding in the house again. Other people might love temeratures like that, we don't!
If we did, we would have moved to spain!

I start to think that we will move further up north next time... ;-)



  1. Whatever happened to the two tough girls that lived in Texas a few summers back? Do I detect sniveling? This is probably just another test of your endurance. Besides, think how much you will appreciate normal temperatures again! ;o}
    It's too hot here too...4:30 am and the thermometer in the kitchen reads 73 degrees F. It's the tin roof, our old log house just sucks up the heat in the daytime, and stays that way until early morning.

  2. I have a theory about temperature, which may be a fact? I think it is the contrast that makes it feel so hot. Here in Puerto Rico, we have hot temperatures but everyone says it's so cool in the mountains. We live in the mountains and work at sea town. Maybe it is cooler in the summer in the mountains...but ever since I started using air conditioning (in the car and retreating to the cool air room) I don't notice a difference. What will you girls do when the global warming heats up those cool retreats you crave?

    Summer heat makes you just want to sleep and sit can be beautiful if you don't have anything you want to accomplish. Of course, it's a drag to "have a mission" and be defeated by the heat. It's hard to work when the temperatures soar...hard to think too. It gets into the 90s here...and I'm quite often wilted by the heat and humidity. It rains a little bit almost every day, too. I reserve thinking for the morning and after 6 pm! <3

  3. Sending you a hug. Just a gentle one, because it is so hot there. Maybe a nice cool drink to go with it.xx♥

  4. YES, a nice cool drink! That's it!

    MJ! How about one of those yummie Marguerita's??

    Served on the porch...


  5. I am totally with you on that one! :)
    Great pictures, Michi!

  6. Oh Dear....I wouldn't fair well in that heat at all...I understand where your coming from. I'm spoiled here our top Temp for summertime is 25 at the most 28. The ocean here keeps us nice and cool. One of the benifits of Island life. But the costs of living on an Isand are not good very high!! Takes two pay cheques coming in to pay the bills.

  7.'s very warm. It was in the 90s here last week, but we have air conditioning, which makes it tolerable, but....I don't like air conditioning. I'd rather have my windows open. This week it's only 72F --crazy! Love sleeping with the windows open on cool nights.


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