Friday, July 17, 2009

Big horses and little horses

Carola was here again, she worked with Indigo for the second time.
She brought one of her saddles, because Indigo's (practically brand new) saddle doesn't fit him anymore.
He got it just a couple of months ago, it's amazing how a horse can change "form" in such a short time when they are growing.
So he will have another one, we'll just have to find a shop around here and try to find one that fits now.


But back to the training, it went well!
We put the jumping saddle on him, because it "sits" just a bit better then the other one...
And brought him to the arena.

Carola noticed right away (the moment he came out of his box) that he wasn't feeling so well.
She said "He drank too much water" - and yes, we checked the water bucket... it was almost empty! He never drinks that much water during the lunchbreak...
Anyways, Carola started to work him slowly so that he could get some air out of his belly and to see if he could handle some physical work.
He seemed ok after a while and then she started to do the things again that she did the first training session.
Jumping up and down, flapping with his stirups, longing him right and left etc...
Then she introduced him to the reins.
He'd done similar exercises before but it's always nice to check if they yield to the reins with their neck AND mind.
She attached some english reins on both sides of the rope halter and asked him to bend neck and head to the right and to the left.
Then down and up.
All fine, all cool.
Then she asked him to move his shoulders and front legs, yielding to her cues from the ground.

All fine, all cool!

Then it was time for the chair again, and for some weight in the stirups and the saddle...

All fine, all cool!

He made a couple of steps forward (led by Hasi) with Carola "hanging" in over his back.
First he was a bit spookie but then it was cool.
He will do even better the next time!

A couple of months ago, last fall, our friend (and stable owner, horse trainer, riding teacher, artist) was sitting on Indigo about 3 times, very short each.
He always tends to get tense when you want to get up, but once you are in the saddle, it gets better.
So what Carola is doing now is giving him time to relax even more before anyone gets ON his back and desensitising him even more.
Also teaching him important cues from the ground before she gets on.
Cues she will need him to understand when she rides him for the first time.

This subject will be continued ...


Here are some more photos from the trip to Tosteberga Hamn:

Most Islandic horses are smaller then Haflingers. (128 - 148 cm)
(Haflingers are required to be over 138cm up till 150cm - in rare cases even taller)

The horses on the photos beneath are domestic.

I heard that there are practically wild horses living on the swedish island "Gotland", but it's not islandic horses. It's a swedish breed and the horses do have owners, but live in the wild...
They are called "Gotlandsruss" and VERY stubborn, little ponies, I've heard.

Islandic horses have 4, sometimes even 5 gates.
Next to walk, trott and gallop they can also "tölt" and "pass".
Those additionals "gears" are very comfortable to sit (similar to paso's and tennessee walkers).

And they can be ridden by adults as well, because of their strong constitution even though they're quiete small.

Cute, tuff horses!

Time for work, have a great friday everyone!!!



  1. He is so beautiful Indigo!!
    And he has grown since the last time I met him, at Blommeröd!

    You are so right about the Gotlandsruss!! They are sooooooooo stubborn!!
    But they are so cute!!

    Lovely photos!!

  2. @ Mie:

    Grrrr..You forgot!

    "And Carola is the best trainer in the world"



  3. Sounds like Indigo is coming along nicely. Liked the photos of the little ponies - they are so cute!...debbie

  4. Indigo is doing great! Love the pony photos. Nice work.

  5. You may have discussed Indigo in an earlier blog, but I'm amazed at how dappled he is getting. Will he gradually turn completely white, or just a lighter dapple?
    And yes to Carola, Michi and Ingrid are lucky to have you as a friend and a trainer :o)

  6. Oh!! Sorry Carola!! You are without doubt the best trainer !! (I have to make her happy so she´ll let me come visit Skåne again!!!;)

  7. You are fortunate to have such a sensible trainer. Indigo seems to be very cooperative and trusting.

    I love cherries! Your photo made me drool. Also loved the shots of the ponies.


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