Friday, July 17, 2009

Under the weather

Summer can be full of pitfalls!

Hasi is under the weather, feeling sick!

She must have picked up something - somewhere...

She's resting.


I have been out doing "stuff". We bought a new sprinkler yesterday, for the round pen. It's too dusty otherwise...
Dirt doesn't taste so good you know!
I've also worked on our last piece of furniture, it's a "köksofa", a wooden bench with a padded seat. It's also possible to make it into a spare bed.
The seat needs to be coverd with a new linen, so I took the old one off.

But now...

Time for a break.

I am eating Cauliflower seasoned with herbs, sea salt, dried onions and sprinkled with some olive oil...
Not bad!
It's HOT again and then a light snack is ideal.

I also put up a hammock on one of the big birches in our garden,
right next to the cherry tree!


I wish MJ could come and make a yummie cherrie pie??!!
I would go and get vanilla ice cream...
How does that sound??

MJ! Where are you??!!



  1. Get well, Hasi!
    I'll be around for cherries and icecream ~ yummeeee! xx♥

  2. Hope that Hasi's health soon returns. The bench project seems handy...where's the photo? What could be better than cherry pie and cold ice cream? <3

  3. Hugs to Ingrid.
    I'd love to pick cherries and make that pie, BUT only if I could use the hammock under the birch tree too! It sounds like a plan...

  4. Thank's Ladies for the "best wishes" for Hasi!

    @ Natalie.. I'll let you know when we take that pie out of the oven :))

    @ Cynthia... Photo will follow, I promise! Gotta keep it gripping ;-)

    @ MJ... Let us know when you'll arrive, we'll pick you up from the airport! :D
    I'll have the cherries picked and the ice cream in the freezer, you just need to make the pie!
    And AFTER the pie you can chill in the hammock as long as you want! *lol*

  5. Oh sorry to hear the Hasi's not feeling well. But I bet if you make a Cherry pie that might help the feeling better process!! :)

  6. Pie sounds great! Hope Hasi feel better quick!

  7. ha zwiep,
    hopelijk voel jij je morgen beter. slaap maar lekker veel en knap snel op. liefs,

  8. The cherries are beautiful and pie, mmmmm! Hope Hasi feels better.

  9. Get Well Hasi,

    those cherries are incredible. Wow you live in a beautiful place.

  10. Rainer cherries...on Sale here this week for $3.99 a lb. I OD'ed on them yesterday.


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