Saturday, July 25, 2009

Visitors are almost on their way!

We will have family from Holland visiting for a couple of days.

Hasi's big sister and her hubby will come tomorrow evening. I know that "sis" would love to leave for sweden "right now" but it's a long drive and it's good to take one day rest from the work week before hitting the highways.

We'll tidy up the "front room" today, there are still boxes from the move and my tools are all over the place too...
I cannot even find a screw driver anymore!!!

We discovered another second hand / antique shop just one mile from here down the road, so we'll go there for a quick peak later on.
You just never know what we will discover there!
A couple of candle holders and maybe a candle chandelier would be nice to have...

We put up curtains yesterday in the living room, it's so cozy now! :))

I also assembled two night stands yesterday for the upstairs guest room AND I put fresh linens on the beds.

The dutch can come!!!

AND they will bring yummie stuff...

Can't wait!

Drive carefully you two!!! ♥

Here are a couple of pictures I took from Midas the other day, he looks so sweet, doesn't he!
I just wish I could open up the fence and let him out on the open fields and take pictures there!
How cool would that be?!!!

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. love the close-up with the breeze blowing through his mane.

  2. looks like that is what he is thinking as well, what a gorgeous animal!


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