Sunday, July 26, 2009

Apple freaks!

Here we are, all 3 of us on our Mac Books on the sofa! (Ingrid on her PC and taking this photo of course!


Hilde and her husband were the ones that introduced me to Apple Computers... (still kinda rare here in Europe I guess, Microsoft is still Nr. 1 here)

I will be thankful for that forever! :))

Notice the beautiful rubber boots Hilde brought for her sister?!? She is testing them herself under dry conditions first...

We had warm smoked salmon for supper (served cold of course).
And a nice cup of coffee afterwards.

Hasi and "Sis" are out walking Cleo, it's already getting kinda dark and it's only 21:20 pm...

We had the first combine (harvester) driving by our farm this afternoon. They started harvesting the canola field little further up the road.
It seems to be a brand new machine, really a very nice sight.

I hope I'll get the chance to take some more, nicer harvesting shots the next couple of weeks.

We (Hilde's Hub and I) are watching "Pandemie", a movie about a deadly virus taking over the entire world...
Pretty "scary" - makes you think...
There are more and more cases of Swine Flu around the world, the numbers of people dealing with that virus are climbing and climbing.
I am really glad that I don't have to go "out" into public too much.
And IF we would go somewhere on vacation I would think twice about going places where millions of people are meeting, like on airports and train stations etc...

Well, home is home, especially if it is as cosy as ours! ♥

We'll start another week tomorrow and I am looking forward to nice quality time with family!



  1. That 'apple' pics is cute. WOW! Those boots are bright, won't miss her in the dark. Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. ...I'm an Apple girl as well. I could never go back to a Windows-based PC. I love my Mac! Have fun with your visit! (I LOVE those boots....)

  3. ...I passed on the "I love Your Blog" award...if you're interested, drop by. :-)

  4. haha! so fun, you ought to send that photo to Apple! my daughter bought her first mac book this weekend, it was more than i could afford so she worked and saved.

    your dutch family looks like they are having a wonderful time! oh, and is that stroopwaffles i see?

  5. I have had nothing but Apple Computers for years and years. I can understand why you are all happy with them.

    That combine is the most modern I have ever seen.

  6. Yay Apple! Been using them since 1984. Love! I want those boots!


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