Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oeps the daisies!

We had some rain.

The south of Skåne (the province we are living in) had LOTS of rain.

We enjoy the cooler temperatures, we really do.

We also enjoy an occasional Iced Coffee Drink.

They are not easy to get here in the local supermarkets, so if they fill up their shelves with

those delicious drinks,

it might happen that we take all they have. That's usually 10,

or what's left from the packge.

You can imagin the look on people's faces when we do that...

10 cups last for about 4 days...

I'll admit it, we are addicted to that stuff! :))

Oeps the daisies!!!

I did bake that cherry pie the other day, for Hasi.

She has been feeling better since yesterday, after lots of Aspirin and rest.

I don't think the cherry pie helped really, because it didn't turn out so well.

After picking the cherries (at the risk of my own life)...

I put together the dough for the pie with the help of a recipe from the WWW.

I think the recipe was fine, it was my lack of experience (in baking american pies)

which resulted in THIS:

The crust was'nt that good, too hard and dry and the cherries too sweet.

I added too much sugar to those already incredible sweet fruits...

We did eat a little of it, but the rest wandered into the trash can for leftovers...

Oeps the daisies!!!

But then, the next day, I decided to give it another try and bake an apple pie!

I got another recipe from our friend MJ (mancosmulemj.blogspot.com) and cut some apples.

I also took a smaller oven dish, just in case the pie would be uneatable again.

But this time I did OK - the pie looked quite good (keep in mind I'm a greenhorn

when it comes to american pies)

and tasted good as well.

We had wonderful vanilla ice cream with it - at 10:30 pm !!!

Oeps the daisies!!! ;-)

I hurt my back last night.

Carola's girls were visiting in the afternoon and as I was adjusting the baby car seat for the

little one

I must have twisted my back in a way that was not advisable and


Oeps the daisies!!!

I got through the nigth ok but this morning I could hardly walk or sit, so off to the doctors

office we went.

He prescribed me some heavy painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Now I'm "high" :))

But the good news is that the pain is less now and I am confident that I'll be OK again in a

couple of days.

No more OEPSTHEDAISIES anymore!!!


Carola will come any minute with ALL THREE of her precious girls - the youngest will be 1

year TOMORROW (looking forward to the birthday party,

then there is the middle one, 11) sweet Moa,

and the oldest - a gorgeaus and responsible young lady in the age of 18!

Carola will help me with my back, her treatments are always a real delight.

AND she will work with Indigo again, a report with photos will follow.

Isn't that harmony??!!



  1. I hate those painkillers. Be especially careful because they just hide the problem. I know that I don't need to tell you this stuff, but don't overdo it on those darn pills. And that's all from your Colorado mom!
    Pie looked pretty good....practice, practice, practice!
    Indigo and Carola look beautiful together..quite the dance partners.

  2. haha! yes, no more ooopsiedaisy! i thought the pies were beautiful, so funny though one found it's way to the trash.

    your previous posts pictures were so lovely.
    glad Hasi is on the mend.

  3. Looks like you're getting this pie thing down--the apple pie looked yummy. Hopefully Carola will work her magic on your back and you'll be well in no time.

  4. http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/ups-a-daisy.html


  5. Sorry to read that your back is giving you problems. I love the photo of Carola with Indigo. Feel better....

  6. i say upsie daisy, all the time and did not know why. I thought it was turning upside down? Is that right??


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