Friday, July 24, 2009

Peak of Summer

First of all!


Hope you have a fun day!!!

Lots of Love and Hugs from the two legged and four legged of the "Persdal" Mansion!

Oh boy!

The days are getting shorter again!

Summer is presenting itself beautifully.

We had some rain now and that was really needed.

The barley in front of our farm has turned into gold and it's a beautiful sight.

The grain fields will soon be harvested.

They have started already with harvesting the rape fields...

Most of the birds are finished raising their offspring and the geese are back, inhabiting the empty grain fields cleaning up what's left or what was waisted.

I love to see them fly in formation, hearing their calls up in the sky.

My back has been much better until this morning.

It was good to go to the doctors right away and get pills.

As my back muscles were relaxing around the "trauma" the healing started and my friends treatment worked wonders.

I tried to muck the boxes this morning, started with Midas'.

I was half way when I made a turn scraping the shavings towards me...


There it was again...

Not as bad, but a little reminder to take it easy still...

So Hasi is out now finishing the job.

We'll be preparing and cleaning today, preparing for a visit from our dutch family on Sunday or Monday.

Looking forward to have them here!!!


  1. My goodness. I have just discovered your blog and it's beautiful! So simple and vibrant and visually stimulating. I look forward to returning every day.

  2. Grrrr...You need to be more careful about your back. AND Thanks Again for the birthday wishes....:o)))

  3. the photos of the flowers--very artistic. Oh no....I've fallen behind on reading my blogs. I hope your back gets better soon. Back pain is soooo debilitating.


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