Friday, July 3, 2009

Cooling off - no matter how

Unfortunately we don't have pool...

But we do have an old bird bath in the backyard...

Cleo uses it to cool off her little feet and I thought why not cool off my big feet in it too..!!



  1. don't worry: rain is on it's way. it's been raining here today and i'm sending it to you guys...just to make things more comfortable ;-)

  2. 30〫C in the shade, 35 in the sun, absolutely NO WIND whatsoever.. that's crazy!!!
    Hope the rain comes sooooon!

  3. We too had the raging heat for a few days..that bird pond looked lovely! I was taking my horses ice packs from the barn fridge and placing them on top of my head and under my hat! It worked.
    we now have begun to cool...hope my mare cools her hormones now too!


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