Monday, July 6, 2009

Cherry Monday

Today was a temperature-ok-day.

We even had some rain.

In the morning we were kept busy with the usual Monday chores, and we needed wood shavings for the stables.
So we hooked up our precious horse trailer and I went to "EKO-Hallen", a HUGE store (kinda like Wal Mart & Co) where you can buy just about anything...
I came back with 10 of these bales:

Those bales are pretty expensive, 70 SEK per piece!
We use mostly straw for the boxes/stalls but also a little sawdust underneath to keep them dry.
That works pretty good I have to say.

Later in the afternoon we went back to the Second Hand place, this time together with our friend Carola and her little girl Edith.
We looked at some stuff again, furniture mainly.
Carola helped us to get a good deal on a dining table, a couple of chairs, two cupboards, a special swedish kitchen bench and some other stuff...
We'll pick it all up tomorrow!
Photos will follow.
Thank you Carola for your help! ♥

In the evening I wanted to pick some cherries but then it started raining and I had to hurry in order to get just enough for a Kirschenstrudel (cherrie strudel).

Ingredients for the dough...

Now it has to "rest" for half an hour...

Then it gets "pulled and stretched on a huge towel or bed linen, really thin...

Then cherries, sugar, butter, crumbs and some other (secret) ingredients get spread out on it...

Everything gets rolled up and baked for 40 min...

I love to serve it with vanilla ice cream... Mmmmmm!!! :))

And we had another Margarita! Now we are ready to get a good night sleep! :))



  1. The cherries are looking better all the time! This looks absolutely delicious.

  2. I've tasted your strudel, and speaking from experience I know it's good! Wish I could have some for dinner tonight!!!!

  3. OH yummy! It looks just wonderful! ooooh, I can even smell the cooked cherrys...debbie

  4. Oh my you have such a beautiful blog Michi! I can hardly keep up with you, I missed a couple days and you have so much posted, it was really fun to look at everything. Thank you so much for the instructions, I'm not sure if i can do all that, but when i'm feeling brave i'll give it a go!

    your baking looks yummy and your marguritas too!

  5. Yummmmmmy! That looks divine, esp. topping it off with the 'ritas! :c)

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