Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moa spending a day in Fjälkinge!

We had a special visitor today.
Yesterday evening we were in Olseröd, celebrating a good friends 50th birthday...
We got to play Cricket and had great food!
Moa came with us last night to spend the night in our home.
Because none of the upstairs rooms is furnished yet, she got to sleep on the sofa, we call it the "island" when it's pulled out.
After a good night sleep we had a fancy breakfast with hot chocolate for Moa, fresh rolls, Nutella and a perfect breakfast egg (boiled 3,5 min).

Then...! We got comfy on the "island" again and made a new blog for Moa. I helped her with the main layout and showed her to install a background script.
She made it look pretty cool and we had a good time at the sofa.

Then we decided to go outside and play with the boys.
We brushed them, saddled Midas and took them to the arena.
Hasi worked a little with Indigo in the roundpen and I took Midas, with Moa on his back, on the longe.
Moa can ride a little, she has a good feeling for horses.
She just never rode Midas before and I gave her a couple of "tools" to convince Midas to follow her. I told her how to increase his speed in walk, how to trott him a little and slow down again and how to back him up 2 to 3 steps.

Then I just told her that she would be in charge and I let her decide where to go, I kept her on the longe but stayed behind Midas.
Moa decided to take him over a minimini- jump. At first Midas didn't pick up his feet and knocked the bar down, then he went not over it but escaped to the side...
After some coaching and a couple more runs we got very nice results.
Moa and Midas had a lot of fun, that's for sure! And us (me on the longe and Hasi "on" the camera) too!

A carrot, a big hug and a kiss from Moa to her special friend Midas!

We were finished riding at 1 pm, time for Spagetti and some more Computer/Sofa time.
But not too long...
It was so nice outside, not too hot, not too cold and Cleo also needed some special quality time with Moa.
She got to play "doggie-soccer" with Moa...

We picked cherries and started a cherry-pit-spit contest! That was fun!!!!

AND Moa got to jump on the big trampoline for just a little while (Jumping on those trampolines seems to be very bad for a childs back...! ).
We mad a couple of fun "action" shots "Moa In The Air"!

We crowned the day with some yummie Ice Cream from "Otto" - the best in Sweden!

Moa is back home with her mum and little sister, our Sofa is folded back to normal.
It's quiet again in the house and Cleo waits for us to go to bed...

We had a fantastic day and enjoyed every minute.
But Cleo is right, time for bed!



  1. Lucky Moa!! Looks like she had a wonderful visit! Rode, jumped, played with Cleo, made a blog, wow! She had a fun filled visit!!
    Fun post - enjoyed Moa's visit!!...debbie

  2. Lovely post, Michi. I enjoyed it too.xx♥

  3. Looks like you've been doing some remodeling too!!! Love the new header photo and colors!!! And looks like Moa had a wonderful visit!!! Miss you, too! Thanks for stopping by even while I am away!!! You are a true and treasured friend!!! ~Janine XO

  4. What a wonderful day. I had to giggle at the cherry-pit-spit contest. I remember doing that but was always so bad at that and always had it come down my chin... =D

    I have never been on a trampoline and it looks so much fun!

    Your blog is beautiful!

  5. Wow Moa had a great time with you...she will probably want to come over for sleep overs more often!! Fun times

  6. I love the close up of Moa and Midas. That says it all.

  7. what a fun day and the last picture of Moa with Midas is incredible, what a gorgeous horse


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