Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tosteberga Hamn

We felt like driving over to TOSTEBERGA HAMN today,
after a hardworking day. :))

The first bird that ran in front of my lens was this Pheasant,
he really wanted to be on my blog! :))

I wish I could post a "package" here for everyone to pick up and open at home, so you could smell the fragance of all the wild flowers on the coast, as well as the scent of the ocean!

The geese didn't wait for me to get a close up shot, but this nice looking bird introduced his offspring to us...
Kiebitz (in german) or Lapwing (english) ... or is it Peewit? Or both?

Isn't that a cutie?!!!

I love thistles! (Midas loves to eat them! )

Those icelandic horses enjoy the fresh air, but not the bugs and gnats...

On the way home we saw a stunning sunset and THIS!!!
This firemouth on the sky looks almost like the outlines of the United States, doesn't it?!!

I will post more pictures of that trip soon.
Good night everyone!


  1. Love the photo's on your trip! Just so so pretty. Love the horses of course! and what a beauty of a phasant!! wow! The light in the sky does look like the reverse outline of the US. Your just on the other side looking out and we are on the inside looking in at you! lol...debbie

  2. Those Icelandic ponies are beautiful. Great photos today...those sky shots are amazing.

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful photo's. Waht a fantastic trip! I love the little cutie near the end too. Love and Light, Nina P

  4. What a lovely trip you had! Your photos are beautiful. I love the shots of the horses and I really like the composition of the thistle shot next to the barbed wire.

  5. Can't wait to see more the photos - these were wonderful!

  6. ...that pheasant is a striking bird and the Icelandic ponies are cute!! Very cool cloud. It's always neat when something like that happens.

  7. Great shots, beautiful scenery...

  8. Oh what a lovley day full of sights and sounds..and we got to see too! It DOES look like the Us in that cloud!! haha!

  9. Just curious about the Icelandic Horses. Are they wild, or domestic? And are they a small animal, like the Shetland, or bigger like the Haflinger?
    Very nice photos. I like the misty, waterfront shots.

  10. What a great series of photos. I love the "backlit" horse photo, and the thistle! Very nice work with your camera.

  11. Oh wow... I just have to say I just LOVE this post. It is so beautiful and wish I could be there to see such beautiful things as you have shown here!! Amazing sunset... I have never seen one like that before!

  12. Beautiful!! I loved going on this trip with you, the ponies, the sea and the sunset! yes, that does look like the USA!



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