Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We are very busy these days, not much time for blogging.. :(

(And my lappy is stuffed with photos and there is just 1.7 GB space left, so I really have to clean up that mess soon, meaning going through thousands of photos and deleting all the ones that are not worth keeping around...)

Just a quick post about Edith's BD Party...

It was great, the little princess got to shine and smile, unpack presents and play with new toys.

She also got to eat a piece of her first BD cake all by herself.

Her Mummy took off her dress and shirt and you can imagine how she looked like when she was finished... cake and whipped cream all over her hands and face! :))

Sorry, no photos from that ;-)

But I have photos from her with her new toys (we bought them in the second hand shop).

The car is electric and has a remote controle!
Her face when the car started to move "miraculously", priceless!

She loves those "paperthings" - I don't know the english word for them - HELP!

This table comes with 4 small chairs and she was totally fascinated by all the little wooden blocks and colors...
And the fantastic thing is that she just learned to stand on her own up a couple of days ago, so she can stand now and play with the blocks...
(And Mummy was playing pretty serious too... she said it's better then any therapy! :))

Sorry, but it's way past bedtime and I'll close my lappy now. And then my eyes...

Sweet dreams everyone!



  1. Happy birthday to the wee one. She seems fascinated ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. She is so cute! I hope she had a happy bday (looks like it, from the pictures!)
    How do you find out how much space you have left on your computer?? My laptop is filled with photos too, I need to do some deleting! It really slows it down. Or, get an external harddrive and move them all there!

  3. so cute.......(I think those paper things are called streamers :-)

  4. Little Edith looked like she enjoyed herself. Loved the car WOW!xx♥


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