Saturday, July 25, 2009


That's where all the boxes were today (photo in the previous post), we got it all sorted out today!

We were finished around 10pm.

Just before 8pm we went for a Hamburger at MAX, I really didn't have the energy to make dinner...

When we got back I finished the "Köksofa" (Photo), I still had to staple the new linen on the seat.

Now I am actually too tired to think, the words are coming slowly, so I will just show you how our "front room" looks now.

There is still some decoration necessary, but that will come gradually...

The Köksofa can be pulled out and used as a spare bed... :))

Looking forward to Sunday!


Natti Natti!


  1. It's looking very good. I can tell that you are working very hard. Tomorrow hopefully you can rest! I wish you good times with your Dutch company...I know you'll have a nice visit. Good Night Sweden!

  2. What a project you have going on here, HBFG. Such clean lines and sure purpose. I wish you all the best. <3

  3. good job! Enjoy, you have worked hard.xx♥

  4. Getting the boxes finally unpacked after a move is so satisfying. It looks really good. Enjoy your company.


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