Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday evening rodeo

MONDAY MORNING, it's raining a bit.

Cleo looked out earlier and went right back in.

I turned out the boys, Midas looked very happy about the rain and started walking down to the pasture right away - Indigo stood there for a while, thinking of what to think about the rain...

I took Cleo for a walk yesterday morning, through the nearby nature reserve, along with my camera.

I came home with 249 photos on my memory card...

Those were taken along the road that passes our farm... why do people do that?

We brought in our new table last night, and the chairs.
Now I have to move the lamp so it sits over the center of the big table. :))

There is more furniture outside in the shop waiting to be cleaned and polished.
I had to rest my arms and shoulders though yesterday... I sure didn't do my body a favour by sanding off that table by hand! Or is it just that I am not 20 anymore?!

We had some horsy-time last night, took them to the roundpen.
Indigo got to try a western saddle for the first time..! YEEEEEHAAAAA!
He never seemed to care about the english saddle but this "thing" was just too big and too heavy...
As soon as we were outside the stable he started to buck!
He settled down again and I was able to lead him into the round corral and turn him loose.
That's when he started to buck again, BIG TIME.
I just asked him to go forward and pretty soon he calmed down again and kept moving, still with a quite arched back.
A couple more bucks and the whole thing was pretty much over.
After about 30 minutes of some groundwork, walk, trott, canter, the world was OK again and we called it quits for the day.
He looked pretty handsome with that saddle on I must say.
Sorry, no pictures though...
Maybe next time. ;-)


Have a nice week everyone!



  1. Love the photo's (not the garbage but such is life these days where ever you go). When I was younger, we only used western saddles (more to hang on to when riding..:-D at least for us novices) Thank you for sharing your stories; you tell them so well. You have a wonderful family, farm and 4 legged children! Love and Light, Nina P.

  2. 249 photos? Cleo must have really enjoyed that walk. ;o)

  3. Your writings are wonderful ... feel as we are sitting there chatting away. TY for sharing. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Dont know why people are so disgusting as to trash up the roadways...guess it's universal. Your photos are pretty!! love the grain field...debbie

  5. What beautiful the others, it is disappointing to find trash near your home.
    249 photos? You were enjoying yourself!


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