Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a week!


Yes, I am still "alive"... :)

Not much time for blogging but life is good anyways! ;-)

Just a short flashback on the past week...

Yesterday we had visitors.. our friend Mari-Louise and her lovely dog Tanja were spending the night at our "Mansion"

All the birds around the farm seem to be "done" with nesting and raising their offspring.
This morning I took a shot out of one of the upstairs windows, the swallows and their young were making so much noise, it looked like they were celebrating something...

Today was a perfect day to spend outside. We have perfect temperatures lately, some rain here and there and lots of sun.
We mowed all the lawn in the backyard and planted some new flowers on top of the well just outside the kitchen window.
It feels like a very special place this well, we suppose it is hundreds of years old...
Notice our "hanging chair" - we love to sit in it, swinging under the gigantic birch tree.

Lovely flowers...

I managed to make some more rope halters, a big one for Midas (right), one middle size and one pony size. I am getting better and better with each halter. I had the Pony halter finished in about 40 minutes. :) I am a long way from making one in 10 minutes, the first one took me hours! I am making progress though.

The farrier - a woman (first time for us) - was here Friday shoeing our boys.
She's a very nice lady with lots of passion for the job and horses... we are very happy with the result and so are the boys.
Unfortunately I didn't manage to get pictures from that "event"...

We had our dutch family visiting last weekend/begin of this week.
It was fun to have them here, we even got to play some badminton...

Hilde, Hasi's Sister, and her husband in action (hub doesn't want to be recognized so I blurred his face ;-))

And we had featherd visitors in our backyard the other day...
A partridge family was looking for food in the grass.

The coming week will be pretty busy too. We'll have Edith visiting, Mari-Louise will come with her daughter (she wants to ride Midas), I need to start the string trimmer again to cut some grass and weeds along the fences and and and and and and .............

I'll head over to the kitchen and check out the fridge for some juice or something...

Hope you all had a great week and weekend!

TTYL ;-)



  1. Yep, you have had a very busy week. Sounds kind of like, horse shoer, mowing, weeds, flowers (we call that a Hydrangea by the way)and a good time had by all I hope. Good Night Sweden!

  2. I'm worn out between you & MJ ... think I'll back to bed & continue being sick. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Sounds like a happy, but busy week. The pictures were great, I loved the birds and the flowers....beautiful.xx♥

  4. I forgot to say...what a pretty dog. Is the collie a Border Collie? Can't tell by the photo.

  5. Wow busy week but it sounds like a really good the way I love the new look of your blog nice. Your header is fabulous :)

  6. Your back yard is so pretty! Are you making the halters to sell them?...debbie

  7. ...looks like busy but fun. I really like the banner photo. It's pretty.

  8. Yes, definitely a busy week! I love the new header photo.

  9. A good week! I am very impressed with the halters, activity and your beautiful yard. Hard work pays off big time!


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