Friday, August 14, 2009

First trip without

Today's the day.
We'll go on our first trip without our friend Barry.

He traveld so many miles with us, in the back of our KIA which he loved so much.
There was no holding him back when he saw that the car's tailgate was open.

When driving slow he would sit up and look around, when driving faster, he layed down to sleep.
The faster we were driving, everything higher then 100km/h, the more he loved it.
Driving through Germany 160km/h and Barry was in heaven!

(In Germany you can drive as fast as you want on highways unless there is a sign telling you the allowed speed limit...)

Well, Cleo is also an fantastic travel dog!
She'll enjoy the day as much as we will, right now she's still in bed sleepin in...
the smell of fresh coffee doesn't do it for her.


Gotta go and wake her up, I am sure she wants to help me in the stable...
there could be a mouse to chase or so and I can't do that.

CLEO!!!! Wakie Wakie!


Have a great day everyone!


  1. your dog barry looks like the dog in a book i just read called "Three among the Wolves". i think you like stories of people roughing it in the wilderness, so maybe you would like this one.

    it is the story of a couple and their dog who spend a year living with wolves in alaska. their dog was the key, the only reason the wolves let them live so close, because the dog was the bridge between them. it was fascinating to me, the way the dog and the wolves established boundaries and rules of behavior, and how they communicated.

    i am so curious about wolves and their complex social behaviors, we can only really see that in the wild, and even then, as soon as we send an observer into their world, we alter it and their actions are not truly pure.

    i can't get enough of it!

    here is the book:

    wish germany had wolves ...what a shame.


  2. One of life's passages, the first time without, special friends, and hanging on to those old memories. Barry will continue to be there in spirit for some time, that I am sure.
    Have a great trip, the three of you. I'm sure that you'll return with lots of good photos and new memories.
    Loved the photo of Cleo in the baby swing!

  3. Cleo is's always bittersweet to move forward without our beloved companions even though we've added new ones to the 'herd/pack'.

  4. Cleo looks like a charmer. And I can empathize with you missing Barry.

    Have a safe trip and have fun.

  5. Am sure it won't be the same with out Barry at first, but like all things, we get used to it, but never forget...just get used to the idea he won't be joining you.. Cleo looks good in her swing!!...debbie


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