Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dust and Grain of Life

Photo not taken by me...

The field behind the stable and pasture got harvested two days ago.
The rye was perfectly ripe and the dust thick.

This harvester must be brand new, it looks so beautiful.
The driver sit's in a comfy cabin, air conditioned and he's probably listening to some nice music, boy have times changed!

This machine has aproximately 300 PS (Horsepower)
and costs probably around 250 000 Euros...

Lots of money!
In regions like Upper Austria, where I grew up, they are using machines like this one who are even more sophisticated.
When driving on a hillside, they can level the "upper part" out so the driver sits horizontal always. The dish of the combine levels with the ground surface.
That has the advantage that the corn, which ends up in the tank of the harvester, get's spread out evenly in that tank and that prevents the harvester from fall over, at least that's the idea.
I've seen it once that a harvester fell over anyways because of a driving error of the driver...
Not a very pretty sight, the harvester was a total wrack, the driver was luckily ok.

Our horses were very curious at first, but then, when the dust came their way, they decided to keep on eating grass.

It's hot again in south Sweden, I am glad we got a little wind today. Makes the heat more bearable.
We have a little visitor here for a couple of days, she is happily sleeping in her bed right now.
I will post some photos another time though.

It's weekend again, this week was over in a heartbeat it seems.
The horses, Missy and Cleo are doing fine, enjoying the good weather.
We did a lot of gardening the last couple of days.
There is a big round rock in our backyard - or is it the front yard - I always get confused with it because we go out through the patio door into the garden, but when you come from the village, the garden is practically in front of the house...
Back to the rock...
We believe it's a special place, and a friend of ours even believes that it is a very very very old gravesite.
It has good energy that place, so we put some more flowers right next to it.

We are trying to find out more about the history of the house we are living in and about the farm.
It seems that it hasn't always been a farm and the houses history goes far back into the 1700s...

It's time for some more household chores and I guess I will put some potatoes on the stove as well, gett'n hungry...
We'll probably have fish with them...



  1. Nice post! I like the contrast in the first two photos of the old and new ways of doing the harvesting.

    How interesting to live in a house that is so old. I hope you are able to find out something about the history. It must have many stories to tell. The stone sounds intriguing too.

    By the way, I love the photo of Midas in your header. He is such a beautiful horse.

  2. Both pictures are lovely, the old & the present. You have a great eye for photos. TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. ...sehr interessant! I know nothing about harvesting. Amazing machinery. I hope you can find out the history of your house. Going back to the 1700s is very exciting.

  4. Great pictures of that great machine!! Sure does do a wide swath! wow! Big Time saver! How about a photo of the great rock?...debbie

  5. i am glad you are as fascinated by harvesting machines as i am! i am new to country life, and it is obvious cuz i think all the local farmers think of me as the tourist with the camera, as i photograph them cutting hay, turning hay, and baling hay. i love it! now the air is filled with the sweet smell of it. thank god i am not allergic.

    you must have a very nice camera, i am jealous!

    did you know that there is no curry ketchup in america? i mean, unless you go to a german import store and pay an outrageous price. i loooove curry ketchup. the mayo here is all disappointing to me, though.

    we are trying to be healthy now that we are back, and you cannot tempt me with your wurst pics!

    °lytha in nrw


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