Sunday, August 9, 2009

We had a great Week&end :)

It's still warm in south Sweden.

The days continue to get shorter.

Some of the swallows that were breeding here on the farm, have already left.

It seems kinda early, but it's August and they have a long way down to africa...

The wild geese are also gathering on the meadows, lakes and cornfields.

Only some have stayed in the area to nest, the majority spent the summer further up north.

I love it when they fly in that wonderful V formation.

Tomorrow we'll get a load of wheat straw.

Other then that we'll take it easy tomorrow, stay out of the heat and keep our visitor entertained....

We'll have one of those again tomorrow... dutch "Frikandel" with real dutch Majonnaise...

I have to admit, it's not really healthy food, it's not healthy at all, but it tastes great!!!

I took some shots today around the farm and in the garden, some in B&W...

Cleo, our proud guard dog!


And more colors.

Turning the water on - or off...


And flowers for the ones who have walked here before us...

Hope you'll all have a great start into this new week!!!



  1. What beautiful horses. And I like your guard dog, Cleo. I have a four pound guard dog too (no horses).

  2. Beautiful B&W photos. Your little guard dog is so cute.

  3. liked your colorful photos and the talk about the birds already flying to Africa. Seems so early. But then, you are around the world from me!!!...debbie

  4. Love your new header with Handsome Midas!
    Your photography is specatular...Cleo in BW so formidable!

  5. Beautiful shots, Michi! Always a pleasure to visit you.xx♥

  6. Awesome photos, you have a keen eye. Have a beautiful day ... TTFN ~Marydon

  7. Hi, I could stare at that beautiful in your avatar for hours. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words.

    I LOVE your posts! You have such insight and an eye for what is worth noticing.


  8. LOL! I left out the word "horse"!

  9. Cleo is something special! Great photo.


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