Monday, August 17, 2009

Automatic Stacking

There's a first time for everything.

I grew up on a farm, worked with farming equipement myself, the bigger the better!

The barley straw in front of our house got baled today.

I've never seen a machine before that stacks the bales right out of the press.

The machine collects 4 bales and drops them on the ground, the driver doesn't even have to stop...

Cool! Never seen that before! :)


Today's been nice again.

We got all the grass mowed around the house and stable.

Our landlords had a lawn mower tractor in their shed and we are now allowed to use it.

It' looks kinda worn out but it works like a charm.


Tomorrow we'll visit a friend in Tomelilla, a city about 1 hour south of here.

We also need to run to the feed store to get some Himalaya Salt for our boys. They love it so much and it's good for them.

Other then that we don't have much news to tell.

That's how boring farm life can be... ;-))



  1. Never seen that before either! neat post!! wow! that is a fantastic machine!! We mostly do round bales here in the states....debbie

  2. Farming is a business nowadays and the contemporary machinery is incredible. Thanks for sharing the images. Blue Skies.

  3. I never saw a baler like that one either. Over here now, everything is being rolled. I guess it is the fad nowadays.

    I do like the face on that horse in your banner. What a pretty picture it is.


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