Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Natural Balance Hoof Care

We are still having problems with the kitchen sink...
It started about two weeks ago, the water just wont drain as it should (it's so verrrry slow).
We called for professional help, after the plumber had left we thought the problem was gone.
Two days later, it was back.
Now it seems that the pipes in the cellar don't have enough downgrade and there seems to be forming a vacuum that keeps the water from draining.
The house owner is informed and will come (hopefully anytime soon) to fix the problem.
He happens to be a retired plumber - so I am confident.

Our "short" visitor is back home with her family. Since this morning.
We loved having her those days, she is such a sunshine!
And she's been a very good girl, made the "job" quite easy.

We had thunderstorms in the area this evening, not here in Fjälkinge though.
BUT we have a power outage that lasted for about one hour.
The entire city of Fjälkinge (which is about 1,7 km south of us) was dark.
We lighted some candles and as we were just about getting ready to go to bed, the electricity was back.
So I'm getting another blog post done after all.
I already thought it would have to wait until tomorrow...

I will go to a clinic the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd.
Teacher: Gene Ovnicek himself!!!

I am pretty excited and very curious.

I don't want to be a farrier in the future, but I do want to know more about basic and balanced hoof trimming.
I suppose that most participants will be farriers, I will listen, watch and learn as much as I can.

Does anyone of you (US Bloggerfriends) know Mr. Ovnicek? He's Colorado based and seems to be good in what he does..


Here's a couple of pictures of Indigo's hoofs as they are shod now.

Here's photos of the shoes he wore before. The rounder ones are the front shoes, the ovally shaped ones come from the hind feet...

It's really time for some sleep!

Good night everyone, or good morning, depending on where you live...



  1. Indigo has cute feet! I had to use clips on Junior, but had two - one on each side. He would throw his back left if I didn't. He was hard on shoes! - always pawing and stomping in the water. He liked to stomp rocks too...silly thing. We did a LOT of trail riding up and down hills and through streams so he needed 2 clips! Sorry to hear of your plumbing problem...am sure your landlord knows about the problem...probably been there for ages I bet...debbie

  2. I think Debbie is right. The landlord probably did know about the plumbing problem and was just hoping you wouldn't notice. But things like that happen in an old house. It was built before there was indoor plumbing, so there is bound to be some quirks.

  3. Hi!

    Have just about finished unpacking and am catching up on my favorite blogs.

    You've changed the layout and it looks great.

    You're posting some very good photos: Pretty colors and interesting objects

  4. How wonderful that you are going to a clinic with Gene Ovnicek. I got to hear him talk a few months ago. He is a great teacher, seemed a caring and humble guy who knows his stuff and is blessed with a good sense of humor. I really value his info - he is sort of a crossover link between farriers and the barefoot world. Part of his teaching is the importance of a good trim and not slicing away the toe callous. He offers great insight into balancing the hoof without removing sole. Can't wait to hear about what you learn at the clinic.

  5. Reply @ Happy Days: Yes, the landlord must know, even though they say it was never a problem while they were living her for 2 YEARS!!!

    The whole horse shoeing thing is very interesting, there are lots of farriers and barefoot trimmers out there, and even more horses with all kinds of different feet. It this area where we live now the ground is kinda rocky too, but not steep, so I guess the horse doesn't need side clips.
    Back in Austria where it's really steep and rocky we use them too.

  6. @ Elaine: Yes, it's an old house, there's two plumbing systems in the cellar, they didn't remove the very old one when they put the "new" in, it's out of order though.
    I am sure that the way the new (just a couple of years old) is built, shows that it hasn't been done by a professional plumber. Can't be. A professional plumber would never do it that way.
    They definately screwed up on that by playing do it yourself handyman...

  7. @ One Red Horse: Yes, I know that many farriers cut away way to much sole and frog material from those horses feet. Simply because they wert tought that way and they don't know better.
    But it seems to me what Ovnicek teaches makes total sense.
    I am looking forward to learn more about this simply because I want to be able to determine what is best for our horses.
    Thanks for your comment!

  8. I used a farrier trained by him along with the EDSS system to treat a horse with laminitis....it worked like a charm. The horse stayed in those type of shoes for the duration of his career as a lower level dressage horse and retired sound. He now is barefoot and gets trimmed every 5 weeks and is happily hacking around a local farm.

    My horse now...Obie....when I first got him we had him in similar shoes for the first summer...then weaned him over to barefoot over the winter and he has been bare for 7 years now. Again a trim every 4-5 weeks.


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