Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maglesten - And the Trolls christmas party

Not too far from here is a farm.
And right next to it, I mean really right next to it,
lies a HUGE rock!

I took the first three pictures...

Here's a much better photo - which I don't take credit for...

Photo by dukematthew2000

My lense(s) are not really the right format to get a decent photo of the farm and rock and there is only one angle you can take photos from.

I like stories like that.
Trolls are funny creatures and the stories around them mystical.

Another story tells that that Troll still lives under the rock and at cristmas he's having a big party. The rock lifts itself up on golden pillars....



  1. I wonder if you are rising as I'm getting ready for bed. Trolls, witches, and faeries . . . once they were part of daily experience and not relegated to children's tales. Sometimes I think their world moves a bit closer to ours, especially when I hear such wonderful stories.

  2. hey, what a weird place for an erratik! that is what we call these large stones where i come from. usually we find them up in the mountains though, not near homes!

    speaking of trolls, we had to visit ours again, because every trip to seattle should include a trip to say hi to the troll.

    here he is, and we confirmed that he is in fact holding an actual vw bug in his hand!

    it would be cool if i could post pics in a comment box, but oh well, someday.


  3. Sometimes my kids call me a troll....look out!xx♥

  4. What a great post! How interesting! Love to read things like that! That is one large rock. Perhaps it came from the well, where ever it came from it certainly is neat. I would love to have a big rock in my yard. I'd plant flowers all around it!...debbie

  5. Thanks for posting a little bit of Swedish folk lore. Love that rock. It is sometimes difficult to image our surroundings hundreds of years ago, let along during the "ice age", but if you really stretch your imagination you can visualize how a boulder such as that was placed there....I rather prefer the "cock and bull" troll story myself.

  6. I wanna come to the Christmas party! That is one big rock.

  7. Very strange to have such a big rock sitting there all by itself, and the legends are fun. I'm not sure I would want to witness the Christmas party. I imagine there is no one around who has actually seen this happen!


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