Friday, August 21, 2009

Standing People

Here are some more photos of that same tree I was talking about in my pervious post...

In the native american language trees are often called "standing people".

I really love that expression.

I know that trees have souls!

I even believe that this particular tree has one, and even though the tree seems to be "dead" I strongly believe it's soul is still present.

The patterns on his "body" remind me of the lines of my own hand. Of everyones hand, of fingerprints.

We humans are the walking people, the thinking people.
We think we know it all...

And we wish we could feel our roots to mother earth as much and as strong as this tree...



  1. Trees are amazing. This one, with the rocks and boulders piled around its base must have had a hard life to grow so large then die.

  2. I don't think it's dead...didn't I see some leaves hanging down? might be just

  3. Beautiful photos of this beautiful old tree. It's interesting to think of all that it saw throughout its life. Your house is very old and the tree was probably there through much of what happened there. Now if you could just get it to speak.....

  4. ok when you're back from Narnia, let's talk!

    no, i know, those really really old ones get me too.

    i have seen the world's oldest pine tree, and the world's oldest cedar tree. we are like insects at their feet, so insignificant!

    °lytha, who hopes some of the trees are on her side

  5. :))

    Thank you all for your interesting and kind words

    @ Elaine... I guess I'll have to let it tell it's stories through my imagination... ;-)


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