Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Universe listend

I love Melissa Etheridge's Music...

Her journey has been a long and hard one, her songs and lyrics are sweeping.

Her wisdom is inspiring.

I listend to some of her music this morning,
one song is called "The Universe Listend", it's melody sticks to me...

Remember that MJ?!? ;-) (Denver,Co Aug. 2006)

"The Universe Listend" is one of many songs I love.

I think it's about the power of our thoughts, good or bad.
I's about awakening.
It's about energies.

Thoughts and energies that we send out into the Universe don't get "lost".
They travel far sometimes.
They touch other peoples souls.
And one day they come back "home" and touch you!

It's important to be awake and aware of what you are thinking.
It's important to be awake and aware of what energies live inside of you.

We humans are afraid of many things.
But we don't have to be afraid of our thoughts.
We don't have to be afraid of what we know.
We don't have to be afraid of what is inside of us.
We can controle what we think and feel.
We can make a conscious decision about unhappiness or happiness.... if if if if if ....

If we understand how simple our soul is, how simple life can be if we don't try to interfere in other peoples lifes.
If we don't try to interfere with nature.
If we don't try to interfere with Universe.

Universe is simple.
Universe is love.

I know, Universe isn't always fair.

Life isn't always fair.

But what I try to say is that everyone can only ignite change
through igniting change it within one self first.

Have a great day everyone!


PS: Waiting for the plumber to show up, our kitchen sink is clogged up! NASTY!


  1. She is one of my favorite artists!

  2. Somehow I missed this post yesterday. Yep, I remember. We were practically in the front row. Good seats, great music, even better lyrics.
    2 more comments:
    Sorry about your kitchen sink....
    I love the green color you chose to frame Midas and your's a warm green

  3. Yes...the photo of Midas is beautiful.
    Were you at that ME concert? Hope all is well in the sink department.
    A very thought provoking post today.


  5. Just stopping by to say "HI".
    Found you following daddyBstrong.



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