Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fast or slow, what is better...

We humans move fast these days...

We drive fast cars, we have hay balers with automatic stacker machines...

We cruise through cyberspace with high bandwith and eat fast food...

We walk fast, we talk fast, we think fast and we love fast...

We want to make fast money and we even drive the lawn mower in fast gear...


But everything in Universe, everthing in Nature takes it's time.

It takes a certain time to grow a plant before you can harvest it.

It takes a certain time for the sun to rise and set.

It takes certain time for a bird to raise it's young till the day they can fly.

It takes a certain time for the seasons to change.

Everthing takes it's time, has it's life span.

When I look around me I see that nothing in Nature is in a hurry.

Look at the life of a stag beetle (Hirschkäfer)...
After 3 to 8 years!!! being a grub, sitting in and eating "dirt", it finally becomes a beetle.
It crawls and flys.
Then, after only 30 days it dies...
And still it doesn't seem to be in a hurry while it IS a beetle.

These snails (there seem to be thousands around our farm) are not in a hurry either.

They just seem to do their thing, whatever that is.

They are only moving around when it's humid and raining.

When it's dry they just "stay" in their houses and sit somewhere.

They patiently wait.

And when it rains they are still not in a hurry.

And that will never change.

We humans NEED to change.

We NEED to have more and we NEED to have it fast.

So we learn how to get "there" FAST.

I wish I were a snail.

(One with a house on the back... you just never know!!)


Snail - teach me how to find my unique and natural pace...


  1. Great post, well written & poignant. TTFN~ Marydon

  2. What a wonderful blog post. Love the photos too!

  3. Great post! I absolutely love your snail photos! They are wonderful. You are definitely right about people being too much in a hurry to do everything. If we could only slow down and enjoy what is around us I think we would all be better off. Now I've got to hurry off and get some house cleaning done.....

  4. I was just about your age when I spent a year on the sailboat in the South Pacific with Toma. The pace was NEVER faster than 3-5 knots. Very rude awakening when we returned to the US and hit the freeway at 60+ MPH. Life in the slow lane is possible, but our culture does make it very difficult. Maybe we should all try harder to change that.
    Very nice post Michi.

  5. One thing for sure I should never be made fast...slower the better!! Your photos of the snails are just GREAT!!!! your right is a fast paced world we live in...and I'm gettin' older by the second!! too fast...older you get, the faster time flies! oooooooh, slow down, yer movin' too fast, you gotta make this good time la la la laa laah!!!...debbie

  6. I love it, Such beautiful observations! I have been thinking the same thing when looking at my dog: right now, with the days getting shorter, he seems to enjoy the sun more, while it is still warming. He even smells the roses (and gets thorns stuck in his nose :)

  7. Aah; to stop (or slow down) and smell the roses... I agree we humans are in too much of a hurry. We miss out on the wonders of Nature, of each other, of life. Thank you for reminding us. Love and Light, Nina P.

  8. What a great the pictures.


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