Thursday, August 20, 2009

A bit of everything

Past weekend we had rain.

Nature loves rain, so do I.
At least when it doesn't last too long.

It was a soft and steady rain last Saturday, the straw bales were sitting there in that field.

Stagnation in the farmers summer routine.

Only for a day.

The last couple of days we had quite nice weather.

While other parts of europe "suffer" from high temperatures and heavy thunder storms, everything here is nice and quiet.

Cleo took me for a nice walk into the nature reserve yesterday.

I had my small camera with me and took just a few pictures.

Cleo first!!!

Cleo and I were standing under a very old tree (watching rabbits and cows), don't know what kind of tree though.
A dead tree...
So it seems on the outside, but I am sure inside that tree is a lot going on.


One life form seems to end and offers another life form the chance to live.

Bugs, worms and so on...

The food chain goes on and goes on.

In nature life never really seems to end.


The sky was great yesterday.

I just took another couple of pictures of the landscape and clouds.

The heard of cows, that live on the nature reserve, are always busy eating, sleeping and wandering back and forth to the water places, sometimes making lots of noise.

Mooooo! Moooooooooo!

Weekend is near.

Natural Balance Hoof Care Clinic!!!




  1. Which reminds me....I never answered the question regarding footing....

    My horse is in a stall when the weather is inclement either too hot or icy. In the stall I use a pelleted pine bedding. In the summer I keep it sprayed down to keep the dust out of the barn.

    The main paddock is a dry lot about 1/2 acre. There is very little grass it's mostly dirt and rocks that are in size from a golfball to softball scattered around.

    The aisle of the barn is crushed limestone.

    The apron leading to and from the barn is crushed limestone.

    From the barn to the sand arena and the grass pasture is I what we call 2A's acorn to golf ball size stone.


  2. What a beautiful series of landscapes!! It's nice to be able to visit outside the States sitting in my chair. It was very enjoyable - I liked that tree. pretty gray and live in a beautiful area!...debbie

  3. Just love the texture and patterns of the tree!


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