Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lot's going on! :)

The past weekend was very nice, the Natural Balance Hoof Care Clinic with hands on work was fantastic!

I took a couple of nice pictures and learned a LOT!

My farrier was there too and we will take the new skills and information to another level on Sunday.
She (the farrier) will come and we'll trim our boys hoofs the NB way.


I am planning a post on the whole Subject, want to explain what NB is about and why it makes sense for me.
It will be dividing the post in several parts I guess, it is just so much information...

But it's gonna take time.


We have a new guest horse in our stable, a young, cocky stallion.
Having another horse in the stable is turning the routines a bit up and down for a couple of days, also for our boys.
Especially Midas is having a very close eye on this young "man", it is not nice to have competition in the house.
Especially when that young stupie is on his hind feet a lot, entering the stable like
"I will take over from here fellas!!!!!!!"...



Well, gotta go, have an appointment in town in half an hour...

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I was curious as to how long your guest horse will be staying. Is he officially in training with you? Or is he a temporary guest? He sounds like he needs some attention and work.

  2. Good luck with the young stud horse. I think you'll find that they are not fun to have around unless they have a lot of training and are sweet natured. I hope your fence is strong and electric. They tend to kick and bite - Good luck you might have to keep him seperated from your horses...debbie

  3. Are we going to see a picture of this young stallion? Is he going to remain a stallion?

  4. I feel that I, the owner of the stallion, must defend a bit... He reacts quite normal to go to a new team, especially young stallions it may be a bit tough at the beginning. Even now it is a big difference and Michi has done a great job with him! He is a very nice horse, you should try to find an anger in him can seek forever... / Jenny

  5. I don't know one thing about horses, but it's fun to learn. The new stallion sounds like fun, take as many posts as you need Michi to share all your new knowledge!
    have a great day and week ahead.

  6. I enjoy just reading about the horses ... they are so beautiful.

    Have a great week. TTFN ~ Marydon


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