Monday, September 7, 2009

New Family Member :)

This is MIKA.

He is now aproximately 6 weeks old.

He was dumped, together with his sister, about 4 weeks ago.

Somewhere in a big City.

Julia, a very nice, animal loving, young lady found them.

She took care of them, saved their lives.

MIKA is now with us, he still loves to get fed with the bottle.

His movements are still kinda wobbly sometimes, but he gets more and more coordinated every day.

He has one greyish eye and one is sky blue.

We chose MIKA because it means "lucky charm / mojo" in japanese... :)

CLEO is in love with MIKA. :)

And with his big(ger) sister SOLEIL.

She loves to cuddle up to you after she had the bottle.

She will go back home to our friend in about a week or so.

We had lots going on lately.

No time for blogging or following blogs.

Our guest horse ELDMAN, the young stallion, is doing well.

So are our boys INDIGO and MIDAS.

We are looking for a new home/owner for INDIGO.

He gave us so unbelievably much, now it's time for him to move on.

He will enrich someone elses life.

We are all looking forward to meet that person...

"Yooooohooooo - are you out there??? "


MIDAS was gelded last week.

We made that decission quite sometime ago, but then we put it off again and again.

Having another stallion in the stable didn't change much about MIDAS' behaviour, he is always such a nice boy...

BUT we realized again that, unless a stallion is not beeing used for breeding, it doesn't make any sense to leave him a stallion.

Life will be so much easier for him now. :))

He's recovering well from the surgery.

In about 3 days he will be allowed to go out together with his friend INDIGO again.

Until now he's been out by himself, in the paddock next to INDY.

BOTH are in sight for the young stallion, so that he is not allone.

Now I have to go and feed the kittens before they go to bed...

Then we will go to bed...

Getting some rest, soak up energy for a new day.



  1. Mika is lovely...our barn cat weaned her little kitten this past week. It was a miserable looking little beast that would not be caught but hung out in the driveway mewing and looking well....pathetic.

  2. Cute little kittens!wonder how anyone can be so cruel as to dump off their unwanted animals. Such a nice thing for you and your friend to do...Don't you need a barn cat??
    Sorry your getting rid of Indigo? I hope you find him a good home....debbie

  3. Aw, that new kitty is just precious! By the way, your photograhy is incredibly amazing! I want your lens! :)

  4. Well, I don't think, MIKA will be a barn cat. :) He's growing up in the living room, he will always appreciate the comfort of good heating and food doesn't have to catch first... :)))

    @ Debbie... It was actually our friends daughter, around 18 yrs old, taking on that responsibility during her summer vacation, isn't that amazing!

    About INDIGO, we are not "getting rid of" him, that sounds so hard to me, WE LET GO of him... ;-)

    @ Pony Girl, thanks, and
    Yes, I love my lens too, she makes amazing photos! :)))

  5. Nice to see and hear from you again. Your photos are very nice...And yes, you have a good lens, but you also have a good eye and heart for animals!

  6. Sweet, sweet kitty!!! I love his little face. Lovely photo of him meeting the dog too. (Of course I love the photo of your horses.) I've been busy as much to do, so little time!

  7. Ahh, you don't get to keep him? Life sounds kinda hectic for you at the moment - I hope it all goes smoothly:)

  8. OH beautiful, beautiful ...what a lovely addition to your family.

  9. What an adorable kitten! I love the photo of Mika and Cleo.

  10. Nice shots and story. Mika will be a joy. Blue Skies.

  11. Oh My Michi,

    you have been busy. Look at that kitten! all your photos are spectacular. I wish i had a farm and i could take in the little Mikas here :)

  12. What beautiful shots!!! You are such a fantastic photographer!!! I love your new family, so cute...And btw, your header is gorgeous and just perfect!!!! ~Janine XO

  13. Your new family members are adorable! And the photos of the existing family are wonderful as well. I'm so pleased that someone rescued those little guys! There is entirely too much campanion animal suffering in the world!

    Glad you are are well and seem to be thriving as we get ready to churn into the chiller time of the year!

  14. OH! My heart jsut gasped..Indigo! I love that horse...I sure wish I could...I would...wish I were closer!!!!
    Oh too darn is to be?

  15. What beautiful photos you make!!! I am amazed!


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