Monday, September 28, 2009

Changes, Letting Go, Reminders and Future

Mika is growing and growing.
In his abilities and in his mind.
Sometimes he gets WILD, his face changes and he is here in one second and somewhere else in the other.
That's what got him in trouble.
Last Saturday, late in the evening, he got his little paw caught in the door.
Hasi had just come in with Cleo and closed the door.
Hasi ALWAYS looks AND checks... where are they ??
(Soleil, Mika's sister was still here, she's now back home with her mommy)...
and he was over at the table, but splitseconds later, when the door was almost closed HE WAS THERE!
He was in shock and it took a while to fetch him.
Of course things like that ALWAYS happen on a weekend, where it is almost impossible to reach a vet. So we applied first aid as good as we could and wrapped his little paw with a bandage. Two of his little toes on the left front paw were damaged, nothing seemed to be broken. But what do we know...
We were so upset, but there was nothing more we could do, only try to get through the night and get him to a clinic the next day.

And so it happend.
The vet was happy with the way we had bandaged him and because the wounds were still bleeding (the blood supply was good) they were able to place a few stitches.
They removed one of his nails and did their best to safe the other one.

It's now day 4 out of 10 where he isn't allowed to move excessively, to jump and climb of course. Not easy for a 9 week old kitten!!!
He is back in his cage and we take him out for supervised play time and cuddling of course.

His bandage has to be changed every day and that is quite a challenge. Clearly he doesn't like it at all.
It's really heart wreaking to do that to him but what choice do we have?!
No I know why I would be a terrible nurse and why it never crossed my mind to go into that profession...

He still loves to have his bottle at least once a day.

Isn't he cute with his little sledgehammer???!!

Another important thing "happend" last week.
"Our" boys, Indigo and Midas, moved to their new homes.

Midas is living with our friends north of Växjo now.
And he will have a great life there!
He's such an angel and is now where he always wanted to be :)))
Having good company (two other horses), huge pastures and trees, and a lake to look at.

We sent Indigo to Germany last Wednestday.
He arrived there on Thursday.
He will live with our friend Trixi.
She has big plans with him. :))
He has so much potential and Trixi will help him to grow even more.

Now, some of you might be having some questions now, right?

Like "why"? for example...

Why would we give away (we didn't sell them, we gave them as presents so to say)
our precious horses???

Well, the answer is "simple".

We don't have the ambitions anymore (at this point in our lives) to really work with them, ride them, stimulate them.
They were only "pasture ponies" the last few months and that didn't seem right to us.

They deserve better.

We took good care of them, loved them to pieces, but that was not enough.
They were bored.
So we found them new homes with ambitious people who will keep them busy as good as they can.

Horses adjust easily. They won't miss us. We miss them, but that is a human "thing".

It wasn't an easy decision.
Not at all.
But the BEST.
And a very conscious one.
It feels good in our hearts and that is all that counts.

New things will happen in our lives in the future, we'll move again, we'll find Jobs and we'll find new things to do and we'll have many miraculous adventures ahead of us.

Horses will still be part of our lives.
In many different ways.
And the best thing is, that we will be able to visit Midas and Indy.
But we also made it very clear that the new owners are free to do with them whatever they want.
It is important for us to really "let go".

We don't own them anymore.


That is the best way I am able to explain "why"...

Please don't ask any QUESTIONS on this matter in the comment section. ;-)

Be happy for us and the two Horses if you can.

Letting go of something you never really owned in the first place, is one of lifes biggest lessons I think...

All that is left to say now (in this post) is

Thank you MIDAS and INDIGO for so much JOY!



  1. Sorry to hear about Mika's accident. Bet she will be more leary about doors from now on and that will be a good thing....debbie

  2. Wonderful...the gift of giving is far more pleasing than anything else.

    I've given away equine and they have had wonderful lives.

    Mika looks so cute with the bandage, hope she gets better quite soon!

  3. That kitten is so cute. One gray and and one blue eye? How unique. The horse photos are just beautiful.

  4. Nice post.
    Sorry to hear about Mika, but HE is in good hands and kitties heal quickly. Boy, will he be a handful when he is able to get out of that cage. KRAM.....

  5. Oh your sweet little kitten! His sledgehammer paw is funny. Poor baby though!

    You have such a good heart, that's why animals love you.

    Sending my best to Mika and you!


  6. Poor Mika! Hope he's soon back to his normal playful kitten-self, if just a bit wiser. May Midas and Indigo flourish at their new homes.

  7. Poor, kitty!! He is so beautiful, and too young to have such pain! You are very wise, brave and kind to do for your horses as you did! All the best to you~Janine XO

  8. How hard to send your dear friends to new homes, but when you don't have time or inclination or ability to give an animal what he needs, it is in their best interests to put them first. You are fortunate that you were able to find such good situations for them.

  9. How's Mika doing? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! ~Janine XO


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