Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life is about learning

Summer is definately over, it is raining today, the first fall storm is blowing the first leaves from the trees.

It's not even 8am here and already dark outside.

Summer was amazing.
Summer was magical.
Summer was so real.

I too took a summer vacation, a vacation from blogging.
Sort of.
I didn't anounce it like other bloggers did.
It just happend.

In my last post I introduced MIKA and his bigger sister SOLEIL.

I know now a little more about them.
They were rescued by our friends daughter when they were around 2 weeks old.

Their mommy was one of the wild cats living in the city of Trelleborg.
Someone in charge of the city apparently decided to reduce the numbers of wild living cats in the city and the mommy of MIKA and SOLEIL got killed.

The young kittens got hungry and luckily managed to attract the young ladies attention.

All's well that ends well!


Mika feeling the huge rock under his little paws

Soleil... wondering how a sunflower stem tastes.

Mika smelling on the different leaves.

Kittens following auntie Cleo

Feeling safe with auntie Cleo!

Back inside, Mika loves the MacBook! That's my kitty! ♥

Those little cats are amazing.
You can see how they grow every day, every day they get a little more skilful in their movements.
They learn through playing and through watching.
They get more self confidence through positive experiences and more careful wich every "fall" they take.
They are never afraid to try again, to reach higher and further.

Fantastic to watch!

Tomorrow friends from Austria will come and visit.
They'll stay for 10 days and we are planning lots of fun trips in the area with them.


Have a great week everyone!!!



  1. Nice post Michi! Simple, but meaningful....;o))) Enjoy your week!

  2. Lovely and very cute photos! Auntie Cleo looks to be enjoying the new friends.

  3. simplicity.. well done
    gp in mt.

  4. I have to tell you that the photo of Auntie Cleo with the one kitten is absolutely fabulous. Might you want to keep these two kittens...they are so sweet.

  5. ...those are the sweetest little photos of the kittens. So little and cute!!

  6. Huh, I miss having cats around. Usually, I don't think much about it, but sometimes when I see pictures, I think back to all the cats I've ever had running around and getting under foot.

    Very nice kitties. Nice to see they get along with the dog so well.

  7. I think that's whats so nice about blogging, we can do what works for us. Glad you had a nice summer, the photos are wonderful, so sweet!

  8. Beautiful post!! and enjoy your company sounds like your going to have a wonderful visit.

  9. The kittens are delightful to say the least. I love the "Auntie Cleo - Kitten" photo. So cute.

  10. Just lovely! Such profound lessons they teach us...reaching farther and higher! Thank you! Have a wonderful time with your friends! ~Janine

  11. I still think you got a great blog here and I still like the horse at the top. Now I got to see two cute kittens. And a wonderful dog, Cleo. Amazing. I really liked this post.

    You didn't tell us if you missed blogging.

    Thanks for visiting my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog and for the comments you left me there about the illustrations.

  12. Whatahunka horse the header of Midas!

    Well blogging and summer..they both fly by and one day it turns all fallish on you and the blogging remains in it's dwindling hours or timetables or demands here.
    We all just love to see your face in words and the smiles of your heart, in photo's.

    Have so much fun with your guests!
    Kacy with Wa mare~

  13. Beautiful Post with a lovely set of pics,Great to here of the rescue of these little balls of fur.

  14. I love your photos, especially the "tasting cat." I have often thought that the domestic cat is something of a miracle. It's only because they are so common that we don't see them as the incredible creatures they are. Thanks for revealing the miracle.

  15. Too cute! We can learn a lot from kittens. Learn every day, don't be afraid to try, and sneak up and pounce on something at least once a day. Life, Love, Laugh. Love and Light, Nina P.

  16. Back again to thank you for commenting about the injured squirrel. Thank you.

  17. Thank you all for your lovely comments! ♥

  18. Your little kittens are so very precious, love how you show them exploring the wide world! Now it's on to autumn's finest, when you see the golden leaves may each one be for you a good memory of the summer just past.

  19. Just checking in again to see what you are up to!! Cleo is sooo adorable! ~Janine XO


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