Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update on Mika

Mika is doing fantastic!

We change his bandage every day and his paw looks good. No infection so far.

He's going back to the clinic on Wednesday to pull the stitches.

The vet told us to keep him in the cage for 10 days... impossible.

The first couple of days we took him out every hour and played with him. We didn't allow him to jump and run.
But the last few days he's out most of the time, sleeping on the sofa and playing with us, eating and enjoying his freedom. We put pillows around the sofa so he can get on and off easy.
He's in his cage only during the night or when both of us are out of the house.

Otherwise he's galopping through the house and is happy and growing.

Yesterday we drove up north to visit our friends (the ones that own Midas now) and spend the afternoon and evening with them (with Kaiserschmarren!!!).
Mika went with us and had the best time with our friends son Niklas, playing and sleeping in the bedsitter (Jugendzimmer).
We were really proud of him, he did well in the car (in his cage), no complaining at all.
What a fantastic little man!
What a joy!

The weather is not so nice right now.
It is very stormy outside and rain-showers are coming down hard.

But I am not complaining, we had an absolute fantastic and long summer. :)

It's Autumn all around.
Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons.

The colors are so charming now and it is a joy to see how nature prepares for a long nap.

We took Cleo for a walk through one of the nature reserves around the two lakes close by.
I think it was begin of the week.
We climbed over rocks and tree stumps and sat down on a bench on top of the hill to enjoy the wonderful view over the lakes and woods.

I love living here in Sweden, there is so much to explore for us, not just around here.

We are thinking of making a tour through entire Sweden next year (possibly by motorhome).
All the way up north, deeper and deeper into nature and (human)solitariness.
We'll see if that plan will become reality.

I am going to school again.
Swedish lessons every day now.
Every morning from 8:15 to 12.55.
Then home to study...

...and play with Mika.


Time to get the pj's on....

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!!!!!!



  1. Happy that the wee one is doing better. Lovely scenery, so peaceful & inviting. TY for sharing.

    Have a lovely week. TTFN~Marydon

  2. Glad Mika is better - sure hope all that running around didn't keep the paw from healing. It's getting cooler here in West Virginia, USA too. The trees are changinng and the air has that crisp feeling. Have a great week...debbie

  3. Oh! Little Mika has two different color eyes! Beautiful!

    His bandage is too cute.

    Beautiful photos, all of them.

  4. The kitten is so cute. They are such sweet energy and innocence. Wonderful photos of the country side. Perhaps Sweden needs to be on my list of places to visit.

  5. It is soooo beautiful there!
    And Mika is adorable in that little green bandage.


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