Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, yesterday's PIZZA turned out to be a hamburger with fries...

I would have preferred the Pizza, but our Pizzeria is closed till the 25th...

OH! That is TOMORROW!!! :)))))))

We started a fire last night.
The fireplace works great and Cleo and (especially) Mika enjoy the warmth coming out.
Mika also loves to watch the flames when they "play" and "dance" with each other.

The fire has been and still is one of natures greatest inventions.
It kept us warm for thousands of years and helps us to prepare food.

When at work in nature, it can be a danger to humans and animals, but it also helps nature to renew growth and life. It feeds the earth.

It is a blessing and can be a curse for so many.

The element fire is associated with many things.

Wit the color red for example.
And with summer.
With confidence, enthusiasm and motivation.
As well as anger and war.

The element fire brings action, passion and energy.

The fire signs in astrology are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

In TMC fire is also associated with the Heart and it's partnered organ the Small Intestine.

Feng Shui uses the fire element (colors Red, strong Yellow, Orange, Purple and Pink)
to bring elements into our living environment that we might miss or need in order to live a happier and healthier life.

You'll even find the fire element (along with the other 4 elements Wood, Earth, Metal and Water) in dieting and cook books, as well as in many different therapies and massage styles.

If you had a wild horse to tame, or an somewhat aggressive dog to train, or a rebellious child to raise...
would you give them RED things (halters, collars, blankets...... and cloth) to wear?
Think about that for a moment...!
If I would have to train a horse with a very strong "personality" or a stallion, I would be really careful not to wear anything red on me...
What do you think?

All of that is interesting stuff, let me tell you that!!!


For me as a person, I never liked the color red when I grew up.
I never liked to wear red cloth because I was too afraid to "stand out".
Today I have no problems anymore wearing red sometimes.
Sometimes I even need the color red.
I need some "fire" in order to accomplish something...

I'm digressing somewhat...

I guess the reason why I am bringing this up today
Winter is near.
Winter is cold and often dark.
Fire is light and warm.
Fire is SUMMER and we have to bring some "summer" into Winter as often as we can.

So start up your fireplace OR wear a red sweater!
It will help you keep warm outside and inside!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Michi, your photos are stunning.There is nothing so lovely as staring into the flames. :D

  2. Thought provoking .... & warm.

    Prayers lift for Amy Dawn, her wings took her to Jesus. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. I LOVE THE COLOR RED...and all our animals have red. The dog has a red plaid collar, the cat had a red one but I took it off because it's dangerous for a cat to wear one, but both horses had bright red halters and saddle blankets with red. I love red! Beautiful colour!! How could you not like red??? It's sensual, cheery, bold, positive, sign of love, confidence,...etc..etc...debbie

  4. Hi Debbie, you are so right, how could someone not love red! :))

    There are many situations we (humans and animals) really need red and it benefits us...


    Thank you all for commenting! :))

  5. There are so many colors of red. Take your fire for example...never a boring color. Not surprisingly it is opposite my favorite color , which is green, on the color wheel. They are called complimentary colors for a reason I guess.
    Another very nice post on your part Michi. Stay warm, it suits you!

  6. Interesting series. Like the colors and close-ups.


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