Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time is kind!

Mika is growing so much.
He's becoming a "teenager" now and asks to be shown more discipline ;-)

He is interested in our plates with people food on them and wants to explore higher grounds (Tables, windowsills, book shelves...)
His paw is healing so fine. :))

I took this picture with my new iPhone! :))

Time is kind.
We feel better already.
Our batteries seem to be recharging well.

Weather is kind to, it's quite warm and sunny.
Gotta go back to my study material...

Ha det bra!



  1. Such a cute kitten. Love the blue eye.

  2. Mika is really focused on least one of those two eyes is...

  3. Mika is such a beautiful kitten!!! And I'm so glad that you are finding time to recharge!!! Such joy in that!!! Have a great weekend, my friend ~Janine XO

  4. Mika is delightful!
    Have a restful weekend!


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