Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold colder coldest...

It's getting cold, we had a couple of night frosts and some cold wind.
The sun is trying, but the clouds are many.
We had some sunny days, it's just wise to dress in layers and put something warm on your head as well.
Back in Austria they have already had snow showers, that after summer temperatures only a week ago.

When it is sunny and warmer in our backyard, we do a little leash training with Mika.

He slowly gets the hang of it, only putting the little harness on him is a hassle. You need at least 4 hands to do it....

Cleo seems to be proud of the little pupil! :)
She is very much involved in the teachings, she takes the lead and Mika follows.

Now it's time for morning school again, swedish lessons.
School is just about 10-15 minutes from here and I will be back home around lunch time.

That's how nature looks around here right now, many beautiful colors everywhere, the farmers are trying to get the last potatoes out of the ground.
The sun makes everything look golden and shining.
A pleasure for the senses!

Have a great day everyone!!!



  1. Beautiful! Your photos are always such a treat Michi. Good luck with Mika and your lessons.

    There is something for you at my place. :)

  2. You give your cat leash training? What a novel idea! I must try that with our unruly lot that's been invading us recently. On the last count there were 5 of them, two of them still kittens. We named the kittens Senna (because she is soooo fast) and Rooney (because she has huge ears just like the England footballer).

  3. I had a friend in college that taught a pig (not a pot belly)to walk on a leash. I think that that if young enough, anything is possible! Have fun with that....

  4. We had a cat that would walk on a leash when I was a kid. The person we got her from walked her this way but we let her run around after we adopted her. She didn't mind at all. Photos of the trees are pretty. We are having a lot of rain right now and that is bringing down a lot of pretty leaves! Temps in the 40-50's. Ususally it is still in the 70-80's so it is quite a bit colder here this year...debbie

  5. LOL - that first photo had be cracking up, the cute little dog does look proud! LOL! Mika looks like an cute!

    Your next photo took my breath away - beautiful!!

  6. Cleo looks very proud to have a cat on a leash...

    Everything is on hold for harvest here to wait out the snow and sleet that has arrived early.

  7. You've got some beautiful fall colors happening!

    That kitten is just too cute...and on a leash to boot!


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