Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun in the yard

Yes, it's been a nice week.
We had good and bad weather...
Well, is there good and bad weather??

No, there is only weather we like and weather we don't like.


We took Mika out again for a walk on the leash.
He's accepting it very well and was playing with Cleo, the leaves on the ground and climbing on the cherry tree...

He is my number one "model" right now.
His eyes are so fascinating and he seems to love to pose for me! :)

Cleo loves to play with her little soccer ball...

FLYING over the lawn..!

Our plan for the weekend was to go away, stay overnight in a nice hotel and get spoiled.
the hotel screwed up and our reservation (we had booked a room where we could bring our cat and dog...).
Today we found out that no room is available where pets are allowed...
Bah! Grrrr!
Well, we will make the best out of it and enjoy the weekend anyways. We'll make a nice day trip or two...

But first we'll start the weekend with a nice PIZZA, I only have to order and pick it up.



  1. Wow. I just realized how much I miss having cats.

    Your kitten is cute.

  2. The photos of Mika are beautiful Michi....and yes, he makes a good subject.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. We'll be having pizza too, but i'll be making it instead, and a nice salad.

    I would be taking photos all day of Mika too, your pets are so cute.Cleo really does seem to be flying!

  4. Great photos of the kids. Love Mika's eyes! so pretty! Cleo looks to be having "a ball"...debbie

  5. The kitten is cute...but I'm smitten with Cleo! What a happy camper she is!

  6. wow - these photos are stunning.


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