Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going strong! ♥

There is no one that knows me better then her.
She knows me better then I know myself.

WE are a team for 12 years now, unbelievable how time is flying.
And yet it seems like yesterday that we met.

It's unbelievable where we got to go together, where we have been already!
The paths we have been wandering together so far
were full of rocks, mighty and small, they came in all colors and shapes.
But we always found that soft, green path around them to walk on.

Our path was also full of surprises around every corner, full of joyful moments, tears and laughter, all shared and valued greatly.

We've been walking together, walking away from each other and walking towards each other, always staying within the boundaries of the same universe.

We share feelings and thoughts, we share dreams and reality.

We share responsibility and carelessness.

Each one of us walks free and yet we walk as a unity.

We set each other free, every day a little more,
and yet we come together closer and closer.

Universe has known us as soul-mates 4ever.

Thats just the way it is,
and always has been,
and always will be.


12 years and going on strong!

All photos by Manfred :)



  1. Naaaw!! Så fint!! NI är så fina :-)


  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! Wishing you many more happy years together, in your soft grassy patch.xx♥

  3. Happy Anniversary, such a lovely post and great pictures too. My anniversary is in October too, I love this month!

  4. You sound like you are on the right track for your lives. May you work and play into a happy future together.

  5. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more happy years to come!! And a very cool place to celebrate too....are the stones in a circle? Where are they?

  6. Happiest anniversary - how blessed you both are to share the love, partnership, and friendship.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! We celebrated ours this month as well on the 6th....October is a wonderous month.


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