Sunday, October 11, 2009

Learning by doing ..... or falling...?


A milisplitsecond before he lost grip of the back of the chair...

(PS: he's fine and will probably try again.... ;-))



  1. I suppose that is how they learn. It makes a stunning picture.

    Thanks for the nice comment about Lilo.

  2. LOL - oh my gosh, I am so glad I came here first. I have never been able to start my day with such a good laugh.

    This photo is perfect!

  3. Thanks Jen, thanks Mr. Lincoln!
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Oh wow! It's the perilous adventures of Mika ... stay tuned for another great cliffhanger! Awesome. :-)

  5. Your Header photo is stunning. Kitty is so cute

  6. the look in his eye and action in the shot! They are so curious. After my cat falls, he walks around like that was exactly what he wanted to do....

  7. He probably shocked himself that he didn't make it, poor little guy, but he does have a weak paw!...debbie ps, love the snail!!

  8. OOPs Mika...what a kitty.
    Very beautiful snail too!

  9. Cool picture, glad the kitty is okay, lol! Love the details on the shiny slimy snail in your header!

  10. Fantastic timing by you Michi. Mika is chaming, i'm really enjoying all his antics!
    Awesome snail. And a perfect message too.
    Thank you for the swan info, i'd forgotten about the cards you have.
    they are back on my list!


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