Thursday, October 29, 2009

A cat's point of view...

They say white cats are deaf....

(and we tried to make contact - this one really is!)

Is that why they have to climb up on roofs and sit on chimneys???

Have a great time everyone!


  1. Pretty kitty! Is it yours?...debbie

  2. I had never heard that about white cats. Did you get it down from there?

  3. Hi Debbie... no,it's our neighbors cat, they have two white ones. One is wearing a red collar, the other one a yellow one. I think they are both deaf.
    If you try to chase them away, they just look at you and don't react on any sound.
    They are very mean to our cat Missy, she stopped going outside completely because of them, that poor thing was attacked several times...

    @Montanagirl... The first time I heard that was years ago back in Austria, and then again here in Sweden. And these two cats from our neighbors seem to endorse that saying...

  4. Nice and brick chimney.
    FYI I think, but am not positive, that the white cats/dogs that have albino tendencies are more likely to be deaf and sometimes blind. It occurs frequently in albino Australian Shepherds too. It is a genetic thing...

  5. LOL - look at that look he is giving you!

    I love the contrast in the photo.


  6. I've seen an albino cat with pink eyes once~very unusual.

    Don't you wish you could ask the cat WHY he/she decided to go up there?

    I'm sorry they aren't very nice to your cat...

  7. Silly cat! you have a great weekend too Michi.

  8. Hi There, I had a white cat all through high school --and don't think she (Snowball) was deaf. Maybe some of the are---and maybe others just IGNORE (like most cats can do).

    They do like to climb though, don't they?????? ha


  9. ...beautiful, beautiful photo. I love the contrast of the white against the dark shadows of the brick. Love the look the kitty is giving you...

  10. Does she have blue eyes? We had a white cat that was deaf. She got out of the house and we went franticly looking for her. The neighbors "ferocious" dog was barking up a storm.. There was our deaf cat sitting on top of the doghouse just looking innocently at the dog tormenting him. The dog couldn't figure out why the cat didn't run away with all his fierce barking. I wish I had a video camera.. it was so funny... I'm assuming she came down in time for dinner? Love and Light, Nina P


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