Monday, November 2, 2009


I already miss green and yellow!

It's getting greyish outside.

Winter is just around the corner.....

It's time to get into "winter modus"...

That's how my Hasi calls it.

Slowing down a bit, taking more "real" time for family and friends.

AND for yourself.

Time to sit down and breath.

Time to meditate.

Time to go deeper.

Time to leave summers fast lane and merge to the slow lane.

Time to let others pass if they really think they need to...

Time to get comfortable with those greyish colors.

Time to get the snow shovel out and ready!

Time to get the snow tires on your car. Really!

Time to get the bird feeders out and filled up!


So many things to do and to think of...

... but not now.

Now I will get really comfortable on the sofa, cover myself with a very soft blanket and don't think of anything!!!

I will close my eyes and think of green and yellow...

I will think of that wonderful little sunflower in that image....





!!!!! ♥


  1. Lovely series of photos! We have had an extended fall as we've traveled around the country, but will soon be heading home and into winter.

  2. ...such a beautiful and contemplative post. I enjoyed the narration and photos. Our fall is putting up a gallant fight, thank goodness, but soon, we will have to get used to the grays chocolate to the rescue! It definitely helps on those really cold days! Lovely photos...the third photo with the flower basket is so picturesque.

  3. The Buggie photo is my very favorite! So, so pretty...debbie

  4. Great post, HBFG. I think the time between Fall and Winter can be the hardest time for us.. Season changes are usually good--but when you live in the north (where there are rough winters), I'm sure you dread Winter.

    Down here, where our Winters are not as 'mean'---we don't dread winter as much. Being a southern gal, I love a little snow. My hubby was born and raised in Indiana ---so he hates snow. ha

    Great post--and great photos.

  5. Winter is a time to 'hibernate' but it can also be fun if you like outdoor sports?

    Sometimes I dread winter, but once in the deep freeze, I sort of enjoy it ~~ call me crazy!

  6. Lovely post!!! So thoughtful...makes me reflect...very beautiful photos...and so very, very peaceful...I tried to post a comment about the adorable photo of Mica as well...but can't find the comment link...ah, well...just thought I'd let you know...Have a wonderful weekend!!! ~Janine XO

  7. How lovely Michi, I do want to do all these things too, my head is full of all these images you brought up. I love this time of year for all these reasons.
    Oh and Happy Birthday to your Mama!

  8. Michi,
    Thank you for your lovely words are so very encouraging!!! And words cannot possibly express how grateful I am to you!!! Amy Grant is one of my ALL-TIME favorites as well!!! We share so many of the same loves!!! Happy Birthday to your Mama...and have a beautiful, peaceful weekend!! You are such a wonderful friend!!! ~Janine XO


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