Saturday, November 21, 2009


First I want to post a shot of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen...

Mika is growing, not just in size, also in personality.
He's a good teacher and helps reveal new details about myself ever day.
It's interesting how we are able to build up relationships with animals, how rewarding it is to have them in your life.
But do we always realize that, do we take the time to just sit there and BE with them...
Do we even realize what it is they "do to us"?

What happens when we are JUST SITTING there watching them, or touching them?

Are we able to just BE THERE, without thinking of something else, about the chores we have to take care of, the erin s we have to run, the bills we have to pay or all the other things we worry about every day...

It's a gift of life when souls get to touch each other, we are all connected and just need to allow ourselves to open up to the flow.

Time for a walk in the sun!



  1. In a lifetime most folks don't learn this lesson. And few consider how this kind of relationship works with trees, bushes or birds but it is the same.

  2. Nice to hear you talk about your animals and how they teach. Also very glad to hear that you have some sunshine to walk in today. Have a great weekend!

  3. Great shot of the "Cat Eyes". I like to photograph cat eyes also. I have a lot of shots I should post. You have inspired me to do so!

  4. The eyes have it!! nice post. and yes it is nice to just sit and watch your animals. I do it and enjoy it, even when they are just sleeping...debbie

  5. Love the multicolored eyes. I have heard research that just petting a cat or dog can lower your blood pressure. I think being and petting animals not only has this physiological effect, but an emotional healing one, as well!

  6. Mika is simply beautiful! And there is such peace, tranquility and healing as we take time to connect with those around us...and animals teach us so much about focusing on what is really another! Beautiful post! ~Janine XO


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