Saturday, November 21, 2009

Psssst! I'm not here!

On yesterday's walk Cleo got to chase a couple of squirrels up their trees.

Well, Cleo had to give up of course, right there at the base of the trees.

One of the chippies decided to play invisible (without wearing Harry Potters invisibility cape) just a few meters above the ground where Cleo was sitting barking her heart out!

It didn't move, not a bit, hoping that would be the best way to "escape" this scary situation... (or reality??) *lol*

It's tail was all fluffed up, eyes and ears all alert.

We called Cleo back on track and moved on.

I turned around and the squirrel was way up in safety...

Time for bed now, nighty nighty!



  1. Heehee, i love when squirrels do that. Funny!

    I love Mika's eyes, how amazing they are two distinct colors.

  2. Your 'tree rats' are so lovely.....all that red! Ours are a combo of red and gray...not near as pretty.

  3. He is so cute! I like the frozen defense. Good thing Cleo can't climb trees! The squirrels here zip up the trees and then sit and chatter at you until you go away and leave them alone.

  4. Your squirrels are so different from our grey squirrels.

  5. Beautiful picture, love the focus and lovely bokeh! It's always funny to watch dogs chase squirrels, and the squirrels get up high and high and hop around and chirp all mad at them!


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