Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Growing up

Our little Mika is growing and growing.

He's a big boy now!

*proud* !!

He likes to spend time at the PC desk, right next to the printer, UNDER THE LAMP!

I am sure he's not doing it to get a tan... he likes the warmth. :)

Our other cat, Missy, seems to have overcome her "little cat" phobia and is participating on family life again.

She did spend the last months mostly upstairs, inhabiting the three bedrooms and upper hall.
It all started after she got attacked by other cats on one of her trips through the garden. She was really traumatized and on top of it all we decided to adopt a very young kitten...

Missy lost her brother last year, not too long before we moved to Sweden. He had a heart condition and had to be put to sleep.
We feel that "loosing" her friend Barry a couple of months ago didn't "help" either.
She really seemed to miss him...

Well, we are very happy that she seems to be over all of this and that she is building up a friendship with little Mika.

She was really shy in the beginning, but Mika is winning her heart with his juvenile charm and playful persistence.


Hope to get a decent shot of them toghether soon...

It's time for Mika's evening treat... let's see if he likes shrimp!

Good night world! :))


  1. Mika sure has a cute face! Glad to hear that Missy is finally coming around. Soon they will be sliding around the corners in full gallop...debbie

  2. I know that everybody, and their uncle, thinks that they can photograph animals, but it is not so. You CAN. It is a very competitive field, but I sure would like to see you pursue it, you have that very special gift for capturing the life in the animal. Such a contrast from the life in Mika and the life in the old one-eyed cat from a couple days ago. Can't say more .. you rock!

  3. Good capture. He's such a cute little guy.


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